Skits, Shorts, and Subs

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Skits, Shorts, and Subs
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Date Released November 28, 2016
Length 1:51
Game N/A

Skits, Shorts and Subs is about the process Door Monster goes through making a sketch.

Description: "Because of problems with our primary camera this week, we weren't able to complete a full sketch. So instead, Kyle and Ethan share the recipe for a great comedy sketch!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ethan Gelinas Himself


The Sketch begins with Kyle introducing the episode to the viewer, telling them that this would be the only episode of it, and explaining it is in response to questions about how videos are made. They're doing this because of problems in the last week leading to them not having a sketch for the day, and deciding to do this instead.

They begin the actual explaination by giving the list of ingredients needed: "about 5 pages of relevant jokes", showing a script of jokes; "a prop you're trying to justify buying", showing the spiderman hood used by Spiderman; "implied violence", showing the knife used by the hobo; "a visual gag", showing a video tape; "actors that have nothing else to do", showing Ethan; "a subtle reference", showing the Turn to Frog card from Kyle Plays Magic; "and a dash of music produced by somebody more talented by you", showing a generic pair of headphones.

Kyle then goes on to describe how you should blend your jokes together into a nice even script, using a whisk. Door Monster prefers to use Free-Range jokes rather than canned ones. Ethan explains the next step is to distribute the jokes between actors, and before they work out what's going on, but after they stop distracting each other, start recording. They describe the camera they use, but note it recently started distorting footage, manifested by Kyles lack of a right arm after the whisk scene.

They then describe how it should be seasoned and then rendered until golden brown. Kyle uses this to take note of his color blindness. Finally you should add ambient sound, special effects and a pitch for your patreon. He then explains you should ignore continuity errors as it won't make a difference and there's nothing you can do anyway. Ethan then notes the time you should leave it to render for, and repeats the number as it changes.

They have a sketch already on to see, showing Ethan saying 'Voila, you have a completed comedy sketch'. Kyle also mentions a final touch should have it with a Running Gag you've already used twice, finishing it off with the frog.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The changing time to render is a joke about how progress bars are often massively out of what they should be and keep changing their mind.
  • The sketch is filmed in the form of a parody of cooking shows


  • The pitch for patreon is a reference to how most videos have Kyle asking for a patreon donation at the end.
  • Running Gags: Frog