SimCity VS Skylines

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SimCity vs Skylines
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Date Released April 6, 2016
Length 3:46
Game Cities:Skylines and Sim City

SimCity VS Skylines is a sketch featuring the Mayor of SimCity and the Mayor of Cities:Skylines "working together" to fix a road.

Description: "The Mayors from SimCity and Cities:Skylines are commissioned to upgrade a road together. The job will probably
be completed without incident."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Mayor of SimCity
Ethan Gelinas Mayor of Cities: Skylines


The two mayors meet in a lofty building to discuss fixing a road. Heavy notifications from both sides blare as they exchange pleasantries. The Cities:Skylines mayor introduces the project at hand and then they both stop to turn off their respective notifications. The notifications from the SimCity mayor continue.

The Cities:Skylines mayor explains the need to widen the street to accommodate the excessive traffic. The SimCity mayor claims that to be exceptionally expensive due to needing to destroy all the nearby service buildings, and recommends building a second road nearby. The Cities:Skylines mayor recommends simply relocating the service buildings. He then elaborates on his plan to expand the road into a highway, add an onramp from the access road, and then elevate a part of the street into an overpass.

The SimCity mayor understands few, if any, of those words, and claims the Cities:Skylines mayor is making words up, citing his 20 years of experience. The Cities:Skylines mayor then recommends an alternative solution of a roundabout. Again the SimCity mayor claims that to be fake and the Cities:Skylines mayor confronts the SimCity mayor on how people commute in SimCity.

The SimCity mayor explains that people in SimCity don't get around. That they instead enjoy the scenery, and/or the 3 expensive casinos. Exasperated, the Cities:Skylines mayor decides to explore the alternative the SimCity mayor suggested (the secondary nearby road). However, this road curves over a hill, which the SimCity claims will only work in exactly one position that requires 20 seconds to find.

At this point, both mayors begin to fight, touting the advantages of their version of a city builder. The Cities:Skylines mayor brings up their positive reception, fresh perspective, understanding of roads, more space to build, sensical utilities, and a supportive community. The SimCity mayor retorts with his seniority, the variety of industry, awesome universities, city hall, living in a mansion, Maxis Man, tornados, earthquakes, and giant radioactive lizard monsters. Finally the Cities:Skylines proposes that he himself finish this project, while the SimCity mayor sits in a corner.

The sketch then ends as another SimCity notification blares. The Cities:Skylines mayor suggests the SimCity mayor just go offline to avoid the notifications, but the SimCity mayor doesn't know how.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The SimCity mayor tries to use "tornados, earthquakes and giant radioactive lizard monsters" as a selling point to reflect the decisions of Maxis to do the same.
  • Roundabouts are notoriously uncommon in the united states of america, despite several advantages. Explaining why the SimCity mayor claims it to be fake despite the concept existing in SimCity.


  • DoodleConn appears in this video, at 3:16. He's in the right side of the table's reflection, barely visible.
  • The SimCity mayor doesn't know how to go offline due to the inability to go offline in the game. A serious qualm for many players.
  • The SimCity mayor doesn't understand many concepts in urban design to reflect the inability to do many of those actions in SimCity. Similarly, the Cities:Skylines mayor understands these concepts to reflect the ability to do them in Cities:Skylines.
  • The SimCity mayor claims to have been around for 20 years, referencing that SimCity 2000 came out in 1993. While this is an iconic example of the series SimCity has an extensive history dating back further.