Show Busyness (4th Year Finale)

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Show Busyness (4th Year Finale)
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Show Busyness (4th Year Finale) Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released October 29, 2018
Length 4:10
Game N/A

Show Busyness is a sketch that marks the channel's fourth year of videos. In it, the Door Monster crew is trying to be more "professional" after filming the pilot to Skyvault.

Description: "Ethan shows up for a normal day of filming... but something is off."


Actor Character
Ethan Gelinas Himself
Matt Locke Kyle Sullivan (Fake)
Cesar Riojas Ian Conn (Fake)
Thomas Devery Allison Devery (Fake)
Jefferey Neely Himself
Tiffany A. H. Riojas DM Fan
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ian Conn Himself
Allison Devery Herself


The sketch begins with Ethan arriving on the set of the finale video. He looks around confused and his eye catches onto a large black cloth blocking off a hallway with a piece of paper saying "PROFESSIONALISM IN PROGRESS DO NOT DISTURB" taped to it. Matt Locke, pretending to be Kyle, begins to boss everyone around, trying to get the filming started. Meanwhile, Cesar, pretending to be Ian, sets up the camera.

Ethan is completely confused by what is happening as Matt asks him to join Thomas, pretending to be Allison, in the makeup department. Ethan, still disoriented, asks for why they have departments in Door Monster. Thomas explains that because they made their TV show, Skyvault, they're now professionals. Gelinas then notices Jefferey sitting in a bathrobe, and asks him why everyone is acting like they're in a "Hollywood film set" and why Thomas is wearing a wig, pretending to be Allison.

Matt cuts in and explains that they're filming the finale video for the year and how it's about their growth as filmmakers and how hopefully it's going to make them a lot of money. Ethan tells him that he knows he's Matt Locke, who just pretends that he doesn't know what Ethan is talking about.

Ethan asks them what happened in the last year, to which Cesar responds that they made Skyvault and maybe Altered Egos too. Ethan corrects him as they did not make Altered Egos in the past year, but they did make a lot of DnD sketches and that they did keep releasing videos, even if they were "short, delayed, or car vlogs" but mentions that the "real crew" wouldn't laser focus on a single thing.

Matt explains that they're still Door Monster, despite being more professional now. Ethan implores Matt to make the video to which he happily does while using professional terms to direct. They attempt to shoot an overly dramatic scene where Jefferey says "what", but the team isn't quite satisfied with the take.

Ethan stops them from continuing, and tells them how everything is wrong and that everything should be done in two days. Cesar tells him it took them three hours and Matt mentions how they're SAG approved. Ethan points out that ignoring all the professionalism is how they got A Fable III Experience out that year on top of everything else. Thomas corrects Ethan by telling him that they actually paid others to do it for them.

Ethan realizes that the reason why Matt, Cesar, and Thomas are pretending to be Door Monster crew members is because they were paid to and questions just how much. Matt tells him "way too much money" but Cesar cuts him off, continuing to pretend that they are the actual crew members. Ethan walks off behind the black cloth, despite Cesar and Matt's objections.

Behind the cloth Ethan finds the real Kyle, Ian, and Allison sitting on the floor engrossed in Skyvault work. He questions why they're not making the finale themselves, to which Kyle responds that they're too busy to do internet things anymore, as they're now in the film industry. Ethan critiques him by pointing out that they were only filming Skyvault for a single week and how nothing has changed.

Allison mentions how they'll likely end up like how they're acting eventually and that there's no point in fighting it. Ethan tells them that it doesn't have to be that way and points out that they hate the film industry as everyone uses "stupid lingo, no one takes responsibility for anything" and all the industry cares about is making money and how the internet is nothing like that.

Ian instantly gives Ethan counterexamples of ways the internet acts like the film industry. Ethan goes on to tell them to work with the film industry when they have to but that no one is expecting Door Monster to become like them. Kyle points out that the industry makes everything possible, to which Ethan counter by giving examples of how the internet impacted the film industry.

Kyle, Ian, and Allison, now re-energized and motivated to do things their way, begin to take back their finale video filming. Kyle takes the camera and quickly films Matt saying "what" before shooting him.

The scene changes to the point of view of a fan watching the video, questioning why Door Monster doesn't have more subscribers.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • On a professional film set people will shout "point" when moving large, awkward, or otherwise hazardous objects as a clear way to warn others that said hazardous objects are being moved.
  • Hoping the finale is a money maker is a stab on how the film industry's seemingly only goal is to make money.
  • Door Monster generally films sketches within a very short amount of time, leaving editing to the day right before it gets uploaded.
  • SAG stands for Screen Actors Guild, which is a union for film and television makers along with performers.
  • The actors in Door Monster sketches rarely memorize their lines, and instead just read off the script on set or improvise lines as necessary.
  • The implication behind the "somebody clap" line is that they don't need to have a clapboard when they can just make the claps themselves.


  • Running gag: End with a Gunshot
  • "Third beat" is referring to the rules of threes in comedy and how there are generally three parts to a joke.
  • Riojas' toy was a fake beglieri, which is something that Ian is occasionally seen using during Community Comments.
  • The musical Ethan is referring to is the Straight Man (Superhero Origin Story) video.
  • The car vlogs Ethan mentions are the two update videos that were uploaded when Skyvault filming began and ended. They are currently unlisted.
  • The scene where Jefferey says "What" is referencing the On Set: What video. Matt Locke saying "what" before getting shot is also referencing the video.