Shoot N' Loot

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Shoot N' Loot
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Date Released July 13, 2015
Length 1:55
Game N/A

Shoot N' Loot is a sketch that satirizes weapon stats and enemy loot in videogames.

Description: "Shoot first, loot later, then shoot better next time. That 0.2% accuracy boost will definitely make a difference."


Actor Character
Ian Conn Counter-Terrorist 1
Ethan Gelinas Counter-Terrorist 2
Kyle Sullivan Entire Terrorist Organization


Two counter-terrorists ambush and kill three terrorists guarding an area. The first CT tactically walks forward, peeking through a corner, while the second CT stops and looks at the formerly alive terrorists' guns. He takes out his own rifle and compares it to the enemy's weapon, analising both. Apparently, the terrorist's gun is 2% more accurate, but 0.3% less powerful.

In a state of disbelief, the first CT asks for how he knows that, though #2 ignores him. The first one then continues, saying that it is a very bad time to stop to look at weapons, to which the second one responds that he just wants to have the best gun available. He finally makes up his mind, choosing the more accurate one.

CT #1 starts preparing for the attack before #2 notices another rifle on the ground, this time with incendiary ammo. The first counter-terrorist, silently outraged, tells his partner that there are more terrorists right around the corner. Number 2 then realizes that he doesn't have incendiary ammo, and so, just grabs cash. He also changes his mind about his first decision, and takes his original weapon back.

The first counter-terrorist is now completely rage-fueled, tired of Number 2's shenanigans. He angrily states that the other terrorists are definitely not waiting around for them. The video, however, cuts to the two terrorists around the corner waiting around, and goes back to the CT banter.

The second CT is now holding all of the guns he found, to which Number 1 asks for what the hell he is doing. CT #2 explains that he'll sell them later, and CT #1 loses his mind. The first counter-terrorist turns around the corner and skillfully shoots both terrorists in cold blood. Right after that, the second CT appears, noticing a large stash of weapons near a car. With his mouth completely agape, he tells his partner to go on without him.

The sketch ends.


  • DoodleConn appears in this video, at 1:04. He's in the dollar bill.