Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 5

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Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 5
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Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 5 Thumbail
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Date Released April 17, 2017
Length 2:54
Game N/A

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 5 is the fifth (in terms of release date, fourth) in the Self-Fulfilling Idiocy series, published on April 17, 2017. It explores the concept of abusing the creation of alternate timelines to obtain infinite resources, or in this case, manpower.

Description: "If you travel back in time to stop the end of the world, make sure it can't start again."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ian Conn Himself
Allison Devery Herself


The sketch starts with Kyle about to make a grilled cheese sandwich, when Ian teleports into the kitchen with several guns and in winter wear. He commands Kyle to stop, which confuses Kyle. Ian goes on to explain that he is from the future, of which Kyle find boring. Ian claims that if Kyle makes that sandwich, it will set off a chain of events that will end the world. Kyle still wants the sandwich though, and is further tempted to continue cooking after Ian tells him that it won't happen for another 150 years.

Kyle then suggests that if the end is caused by Kyle making the sandwich, then everything would be fine if Ian makes the sandwich. Thinking that would be a good compromise, Ian does so and immediately teleports back to the future after Kyle gets the sandwich.

However, having had someone do a chore for him, Kyle thinks of a way to abuse the system. As he is about to make another sandwich, another version of Ian teleports in and warns him of the danger. Feigning ignorance, Kyle asks Ian to get him some food so Kyle doesn't have to make the sandwich. Kyle repeats this process many times, turning the various versions of Ian into a slave, making him wash the dishes, fix his car, be a footrest, etc.

Eventually, another traveler from the future, Allison, shows up and is mad at them both. She explains that Kyle's antics have repeatedly ended the world by causing the sun to blow up. Ian gets defensive and tries to explain that he's just doing his job, but while they argue, Kyle goes ahead and makes a sandwich. A distant explosion is heard (presumably the sun), and the room begins to get brighter as Kyle exclaims "worth it".


  • Ian wears a keychain with an anthropomorphic toast image, which might be a reference to the grilled cheese sandwich that ended the world.
  • While Ian cleans the floor, a Doctor Who poster is shown in the background.