Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 4 (1st Year Finale)

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Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 4
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Date Released October 30, 2015
Length 9:39
Game N/A

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 4 is a sketch that marks the channel's first year of videos. In it, Kyle, Ian, Ethan, and Jefferey travel through their previous videos to stop DoodleConn.

Description: "Just a normal day with that wacky extortionist hobo. Surely nothing particularly out of the ordinary will happen."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself, Extortionist Hobo, Rodriguez ElCazorro
Jefferey Neely Himself
Ian Conn Himself, Jegor Smirnov
Ethan Gelinas Himself
Jon Currie Frank
DoodleConn Himself


The video begins with Jefferey slowing from a jog to a standstill in a typical suburban neighborhood. The Extortionist Hobo appears from thin air, accompanied by a time travel sound effect. The Hobo greets Jefferey, revealing that he has other 67 "regular clients" and a house.

Thinking that he was homeless, Jefferey confronts the Hobo. EH calls Jefferey racist, but he counters that they're both white, and asks why the Hobo asks for money if he has a place to live. The Hobo just says that Jefferey wasn't using it, but Neely responds that he is using it. He's always using it.

The Hobo tries to argue that Jefferey has a spending problem, but gets interrupted by the sound of a sniper rifle shot. He immediately gets up and pulls two pistols, shooting at the general direction of the bullet. Jegor is revealed as the author of the shot.

Both Jefferey and EH get behind a car to get cover. Neely panics while the Hobo continues to fight against Jegor, shooting with pistols and submachineguns. The garage door of the nearby house then opens, and Jefferey runs inside it.

Multiple Kyles run through the street, with Minecraft!Kyle leading the pack. Meanwhile, in the garage, Jefferey looks confused while the ghost of DoodleConn slowly appears behind him, only to disappear and be replaced with the Time Machine from Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 2. Ian and Kyle also appear sitting in the machine.

Ian explains that Jefferey is in a video, and invites him to join the duo. Neely agrees, and Kyle activates the machine once again.

The trio finds themselves in an animation, created in the style of the channel's old videos. There, Kyle reveals that he has turned the machine into a watch, using "cartoon logic". They soon find Rodriguez ElCazorro, Ethan and Yegor, the latter pointing a gun and saying "Prepare for death". The trio quickly gets startled as Jegor also appear behind them, and quickly everyone gets teleported.

A montage of Kyle, Ian, Ethan, Jefferey, Rodriguez, Hobo, Yegor and Jegor teleporting through various videos occur. Those videos are, in the correct order: Half-Life: HEV Suit, VR Headsets: Ultimate Tunnel Vision (in which Jegor tries to shoot Ethan), The Sims: Meeting the Neighbors, Knock On Wood, The Freddy Fazbear Experiment, TF2: Prank Time with Engie and Spy, Don't Starve Together: Killer Frog (in which Ethan picks up a shovel), I Am Bread, Door Monster - Crazy Awesome Halloween Decoration, Gary the Misanthrope, Minecraft is Intense, and finally, Runaway Smith, where they make their final stop.

At this point, the video's quality drops dramatically, as Kyle explains that it is 2008, and that he used a different camera "back then". The group heads to Kyle's house, and talks to Frank in the TV. Kyle says that he can help them because he's in space, for which Frank sarcastically responds "yeah, that makes sense."

The kerbonaut continues, saying that he is finding something. The screen then shows a strange, bandana-wearing version of Ian, accompanied by a sudden jumpscare sound. Ethan gets disgusted, asking what is it, and Ian simply responds "well, me". Kyle further explains that it is a 3D model that he made for the Avatar: Battle of the Bends video, and Gelinas comments that it is trapped in a "weird sort of video prison".

The group heads to the forest, following the younger versions of Reid and Jon to find DoodleConn. The two kids fight Runaway Smith until suddenly it morphs into the abomination. Kyle, Ian and Ethan teleport to try to follow it, but they only find Jefferey, Hobo, Rodriguez, Yegor and Jegor. Ethan asks if it is okay to kill them, and Kyle quickly responds that he'll "just retcon it later".

And so it begins the fight. Jefferey takes Yegor's gun and shoots EH in the head, while Ian and Jegor fight with knives and Yegor and Kyle fight with punches. The four of them suddenly realize it would be easier if they just switch partners, and they do it. Finally, Rodriguez appears right in front of Ethan, exclaiming that he has arrived. Gelinas nonchalantly hits him in the head with his shovel, and the fighter falls to the ground.

DoodleConn then appears. Kyle, Jefferey, Ian and Ethan back up, while the abnormality ruptures the video and turns it to HD Definition. The four friends fall to the ground, and Kyle has an idea. He takes Jefferey's gun and his time machine, using it to teleport to the Avatar video. There, he incapacites Airbender!Kyle and shoots Firebender!Ian in the head, killing him instantly and deleting DoodleConn from existence.

The universe becomes corrupted and all the videos start to hover around the group, with Ethan telling Kyle that he broke everything. Jefferey asks how they will get out of there, and Ethan points to a door. The four pass through it, and end up in a room. The video ends with the four of them deciding to record a Community Comments.