Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 3

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Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 3
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Date Released June 12, 2017
Length 3:47
Game N/A

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 3 is a sketch about Kyle using the TARDIS to go back in time and fix all his time travel related mistakes.

Description: "Kyle finally decides to clean up his past time travel mistakes - and he finds just the time machine he needs to do it."


Actor Character
Ian Conn Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself, Yegor
Rachel Butcher Herself
Squire (Voice) Dell Laptop AI
Allison Devery Girl holding Dell Laptop AI
Jefferey Neely Kyle


The sketch begins with Ian sitting in his yard when a TARDIS appears in front of him. Kyle come out from the TARDIS and tells him that he's the Doctor and Ian tells him he's gone too far and he's putting a stop to this early because of his poor history with IKEA time machines. Rachel then comes out from the TARDIS talking in a British accent. Kyle tells Ian that she helped him put the TARDIS together so he let her come with him. Rachel tells Ian that Kyle and her have been traveling through time and space solving problems and developing a budding romance. Kyle tells her to stop it and Ian tells her to not indulge the fandom. He then goes on to tell Kyle that he doesn't know how to solve problems like the Doctor. Kyle retorts that he does and uses his sonic screwdriver to solve a problem. Ian asks what problem and Kyle tells him he realized how much damage he caused to the timeline with his other time machines and went back to fix it by killing all the other Kyles. Ian tells him that's not how the Doctor solves problems and Kyle responds by saying it is and that he kills as many people as Batman.

Ian tells him that he can't just go around killing different versions of himself because it is bound to mess something up. Kyle tells him that it hasn't so far. In the past, Kyle is seen in the FTL video disabling the doors with Rachel, who is now in a German accent, when Yegor, who was dead, appears on the ship. Ian explains to Kyle that he wasn't dead because he changed something and that there was a chain reaction that brought him back. Kyle tells Ian that the Doctor changes things all the time and Ian responds by tell him that the Doctor is a hyper-intelligent alien being with specialized training in time manipulation. Kyle then tells Ian about how he also took care of all the time traveling Ians, but Rachel, in a Scottish accent, tells him that the sun is still gone and questions who could be responsible. Suddenly, DoodleConn appears, despite being erased from existence. Ian questions why Kyle didn't just bring him along. Kyle replies that male companions only last half a season and it never ends well. Kyle tells Ian that he's learned that death isn't real and he's basically God.

Suddenly, the Dell Laptop AI from DIY AI appears. Rachel tells Kyle that he can use the sonic screwdriver on computers and tries to use it on the Dell Laptop AI, but it doesn't work. The laptop questions why Rachel is trying to be British and Rachel tells him that she is British because she has a fancy hat, drinking horn, and knows all the national songs. She then begins to sing "Compagnons de la Marjolaine" before getting killed by the laptop. Kyle then shoots the laptop with a gun because he panicked and there wasn't time to be clever. Ian tells him that the whole point is to solve problems by being clever, not by shooting them. Kyle then tells Ian that Sherlock did it and he's kid of like the Doctor before getting shot by Ian. He then tells Kyle to not indulge the fandom before he regenerates into Jefferey. He then asks what color his hair is.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Batman avoids killing people to the best of his ability.
  • The Doctor wants to be a ginger, but hasn't been one so far.