Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 2

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Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 2
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Date Released January 12, 2015
Length 2:58
Game N/A

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 2 is a sketch that revolves around time travel loops and predestination.

Description: "Will did Kyle and Ian have survived another brush with time travel, or are they having met their pretimely end at first? SELF-FULFILLING IDIOCY 2: THIS TIME, IT'S NEXT TIME'S LAST TIME."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself, Himself
Ian Conn Himself, Himself
Rachel Butcher Drinking Horn Time Traveler


The video begins with Kyle and Ian entering a garage, with a time machine made out of furniture right in the middle of it. Ian, who is wearing a wool cap, asks Kyle why did he build such a thing, and Sullivan responds by saying that the internet was down and that he met himself from the future once, so he needed to go back in time to complete the loop.

The conversation gets interrupted when the machine activates suddenly, and a copy of Kyle appears in one of its chairs. Kyle and his copy switch places, much to the confusion of Ian, and the original copy disappears in the machine. Conn asks for what happened, and the new clone answers that he needed to go a few seconds in time to complete the already estabilished loop. The machine activates again, and the same event happens.

Ian queries on whether or not he will keep looping forever, to which Kyle responds by hesitating and saying, "who knows?". The man in the wool cap answers that he should, since he was the one that built the time machine. The time traveler explains that the contraption came from IKEA, and that he just followed the instructions.

They get interrupted again when another Kyle clone appears in the device, eating popcorn. The clone simply says "I think it's the red ones" before pressing a button in the computer and disappearing again. Ian notes that the machine goes both ways, fixing the time loops, however Kyle counters that the appearance still made an impact in the conversation. Conn, losing his patience, proposes never using the time machine again, but alas, the apparatus spawns two clones, one for each person. Ian and Kyle switch places with their counterparts, much to the frustration of the former.

Ian then asks if they could disable it, and Kyle answers that it would be just like defusing a bomb. When Ian asks for the color of the wires to pull, Sullivan takes a popcorn package and enters the machine. He briefly disappears and comes back with popcorn, then says that he can't turn it off since he already met himself from the future. Suddenly, a woman singing a french song and holding a drinking horn (played by Rachel) appears in the machine, shocking both. Kyle points to the device's primary button, and Ian kicks it.

Determined and outraged, Conn finally decides that he will turn it off. Kyle pulls a shotgun and points it to Ian, who doesn't get too intimidated, saying that he would never kill him. When the machine activates again, however, a dead, filled with holes Ian appears. The wool cap wearing man simply mutters, "I never did like you." The sketch ends.

(There's a post-outro scene in this video: Kyle removes some wires from the machine, declaring that he managed to deactivate it, when suddenly, MasterFusion, the Extortionist Hobo and Gary appear. Sullivan laments this, and the scene ends.)

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • When Ian asks which wires to cut, Kyle takes a popcorn package and enters the machine. Then, in the beginning of the video, he appears with the same popcorn package and says, "I think it's the red ones".