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Self-Fulfilling Idiocy
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Date Released July 18, 2012
Length 2:05
Game N/A

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy is a sketch that revolves around time travel tropes and paradoxes.

Description: "A convoluted story of life, time travel, and a severe lack of immediately available actors."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself five times


The video begins with Kyle crossing his room, when suddenly, he notices someone else in his own house. The mystery person is revealed to be himself from the future, who apparently went back in time to stop himself to do something "incredibly stupid." Present Kyle is a bit taken aback, nevertheless asking for what is it. Future Kyle gets interrupted, however, by another time traveler.

The time traveler reveals himself to be Kyle, once again. He is wearing sunglasses and a black jacket, and tells both Kyles that he's from the year 2175. Present Kyle points out that he hasn't aged, though Sunglasses Kyle asks him to shut up and announces that he went back in time to change the past.

Present Kyle then asks about the sunglasses, for which Sunglasses Kyle answers iron-faced that "the future is bright". Future Kyle utters a quick laugh, under the assumption that the last sentence was a joke, though Sunglasses quickly corrects him by saying that it wasn't. He adds that the Sun expanded and the planet caught on fire, and it's all because they did something "really stupid".

Another time travel sound effect is heard and a fourth traveler enters the room. This one is wearing a fedora and a black jacket, and as soon as he sets foot in the room, he immediately points to Sunglasses Kyle and orders for the other two to not listen to him. He explains that himself is from his (Sunglasses Kyle's) future and that it was him that blew up the Sun. Sunglasses tries to argue, but quickly admits it and says that it was a bad idea.

Present Kyle starts to get confused and points out that Fedora and Sunglasses are the same person, just from different time periods. He deduces that, since Fedora is Future Sunglasses, Fedora also blew up the Sun.

Future Kyle interrupts all of this and tells Present Kyle that, in an hour from now, he's going to get distracted thinking about all of this and he'll accidentally burn his grilled cheese sandwich. Present asks for how he got time travel technology in one hour, and Future simply says that it is a long story, specifically an one hour long story.

An ukelele sound is heard and the two Kyles look to the other side of the room, seeing another copy of themselves. Present asks for "when" is he from, and he answers that he's not a time traveler, just his twin brother. Present, already sick of all the shenanigans that happened in the last one minute and thirty two seconds, says that he doesn't have a twin brother. Ukelele Kyle then dramatically claims that he has one in the future.

Angry and rageful, Present Kyle asks for someone to explain why did they all come back in time. Sunglasses answers that they are there to stop him from having a conversation with himself. Everyone in the room goes silent and looks at one another, before finally Future Kyle says that he'll see them in one hour.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • "The future is bright" can either mean that the future is hopeful or the future is full of light.