Self-Fulfilling Idiocy (Series)

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Self-Fulfilling Idiocy
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Status Active
Length 5 videos
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Self-Fulfilling Idiocy is the longest running Door Monster sketch series, the first one published in Jul 18, 2012. Though they aren't necessarily continuations of the same plot, they all involve making fun of time travel tropes and often explore paradoxes.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ian Conn Himself
Rachel Butcher Drinking Horn Time Traveler

Video list[edit]

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 1[edit]

The first in the series involves Kyle attempting to stop his past self from meeting his future self, ironically causing some disaster that blows up the sun. Each successive version of himself attempts to stop his previous version, albeit out of order, creating a confusing and tangled web of motivations.

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 2[edit]

Kyle builds a time machine out of furniture from IKEA, as he reasons that he must do eventually so he can go back in time and meet his past self from the Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 1. Showing it off to Ian, he eventually reveals that this reasoning keeps trapping himself in loops, as his future self keeps appearing and necessitates him to go back in time.

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 4 (1st Year Finale)[edit]

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 4 was used as the team's first year finale, where DoodleConn begins to tie their videos together and cause them to blend. Kyle, Ian, Ethan, and Jefferey run around previous Door Monster Videos and try to stop them.

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 5[edit]

Kyle is about to make the grilled cheese sandwich mentioned in Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 1 when Ian travels from the future to stop him. Crisis averted after Ian makes the sandwich instead, Kyle begins to repeatedly almost make instances of the sandwich to cause Ian do whatever he wants.

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 3[edit]

In this sketch, Kyle becomes The Doctor (Who). He reveals that he's trying to fix all of his previous time travel loopholes by killing all of his previous versions. This, of course, brings its own set of problems, like the reappearance of Yegor and DoodleConn. Ian becomes frustrated at Kyle's carelessness, and eventually shoots him. Kyle regenerates as Jefferey.