Screaming (Running Gag)

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Bob screaming
Type Verbal
Related Series Kerbal Space Program (Series)
First Instance Kerbal Space Program: First Flight

In Kerbal Space Program Sketches, the Kerbonauts often scream when faced with a frightening situation, involving anything vaguely difficult. While space is scary, the fact they're scared emphasises the fact they are inept. Also in the game, Kerbonauts often scream silently.

List of Instances[edit]

Kerbal Space Program: First Flight[edit]

The first instance of the joke. When the rocket first launches, Jeb screams out loud. Kyle is taken unaware and attempts to calm Jeb down.

Kerbal Space Program: To The Mün[edit]

Bill doesn't know he's in space, and when he realizes, he screams out loud. Kyle is again surprised and comments on why everyone does it. Later as Bill is falling to the Mün, Kyle asks him not to scream, which he quickly replies to by screaming.

Kerbal Space Program: Prepare for Docking[edit]

When Kyle mentions docking, he covers his ears as he expects Bob to scream, which he does. By this point, Kyle is used to it and just covers his ears before reassuring them after.

Kerbal Space Program: Rescue Mission[edit]

At the prospect of losing every Kerbonaut, everyone is tense, and at the point of trying to land, everyone screams, including Kyle, at the fear of if it goes wrong.

Kerbal Space Program: Final Flight[edit]

As the engine starts, Kyle suggests Scott mute the screen knowing Jeb will scream. Scott misinterprets it to mean that the Jet Engine is loud, and as Kyle covers his ears, Scott is taken by surprise at Jeb, before muting. This makes him wonder if anyone is even qualified for this.