SCP Foundation - Trick or Treat

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SCP Foundation - Trick or Treat
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Date Released October 23, 2017
Length 4:51
Game N/A

SCP Foundation - Trick or Treat is a sketch that revolves around a doctor from the SCP Foundation investigating SCP-5712, a door that generates trick-or-treaters.

Description: "An unsuspecting teenager discovers a secret organization."


Actor Character
Ian Conn Doctor
Kyle Sullivan SCP-5712-1


A doorbell rings. The doctor opens a door, revealing a teen wearing a prison uniform and holding a white bag. The boy quickly says "Trick or Treat", and the scientist asks the boy to come in. The teen states that his parents always told him to not enter strangers houses, but he goes in anyway. Both sit down in a small room, with the boy commenting that he liked the doctor's costume and the place, calling it "very secret lab". The doctor responds by sarcastically complimenting the boy too, calling him "societal leech". He then inquires if he can ask some questions.

The boy asks if he has candy, and the doctor tells him "not this time" before offering to give some in exchange for answers to his questions. The teen agrees, and the questions begin.

The researcher asks his name (Kevin) and age (19) before agressively asking if he doesn't find anything wrong with what he's doing. A radio voice interrupts him, and Kevin says that if the scientist is going to treat him like a criminal, then he'll just dress like a criminal.

The doctor makes some more questions, with the third one being if Kevin knew where he was. The boy responds by saying "yeah, your weird house", but the researcher reveals that he's actually in the SCP Foundation, a group responsible for securing and containing anomalies from the public eye. He then continues by telling the boy about the "D-Class personnel", a group of convicted criminals utilized for testing, and asks if he wants to join. Kevin then states that what he's doing is not stealing, but he accepts anyway.

The doctor starts the test, narrating SCP entry 5712: "SCP-5712 is to be kept inside an obsoleted observation room in Site-17. All interactions must be approved by Doctor Melon. Under no circumstances is the light on SCP-5712 to be left on. The SCP is a section of wall, doorframe, and door removed from the entrance to a suburban home in Boulder Colorado. Whenever the exterior side of the door is isolated in total darkness and the porch-light turned on, the doorbell will ring within 60 seconds and SCP-5712 will generate an instance of SCP-5712-1, a late teen Caucasian male dressed in a low-quality orange jumpsuit. SCP-5712-1 will be carrying a open container, such as a plastic bucket or pillowcase, and will attempt to initiate an interaction by saying 'Trick or Treat'. Giving an amount of candy to 5712-1 that they deem acceptable will prompt it to try and leave. After the door is closed, the instance of 5712-1 will dissapear. If the porch-light is left on, another identical instance of 5712-1 will generate within the next minute."

After reading the document, the doctors asks the boy about what did he think regarding the story. Kevin responds that he thought it was a bit weird, but it wasn't scary. He also adds that he liked his inclusion in it.

The doctor then finally gives candy to the boy, announcing, however, that it is laced with cyanide. The teen doesn't seem to mind and instantly throws the candy in his own mouth, dying instantly. The researcher summarizes the results of the test to the radio voice, and then quickly proceeds to the next test, asking if it's the "hostile one". The voice confirms the question tiredly, and the researcher opens the door again, revealing another "Kevin". The boy asks "Trick or Treat" exactly like the last time, however the doctor interrupts him by angrily stating that he's "too old".

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • When the doctor mentions the SCP Foundation, Kevin asks if it is related to the "DEA". DEA stands for "Drug Enforcement Administration", which reinforces the fact that Kevin is probably a stoner.