Runaway Smith

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Runaway Smith
Runaway Smith Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released August 7, 2008
Length 9:28
Game N/A

Reid and Jon do battle against a cartoon sketch of Agent Smith that has mysteriously come to life.

Note: Due to the use of copyrighted music, the video has since been blocked by WMG.


Actor Character
Reid Sullivan Himself
Jon Currie Himself
Agent Smith Doodle Itself


One day while hanging out, Jon idly sketches some characters from the Matrix, which he shows to Reid. As the two leave the room, Jon drops his sketchbook onto the floor. The sketch of Agent Smith suddenly becomes colored in and slowly rises from the sketchbook, growing in size.

Jon and Reid, unaware of this, continue to play a video game until Reid hears something in the other room. Checking it out, he quickly calls Jon over, where the two stare dumbfounded at the living doodle. After a few seconds, Smith draws his weapon and points it at Reid, causing the two humans to dive for cover. Smith then walks out of the house.

Realizing that they can't leave Smith to its own devices, Jon and Reid grab their weapons and sunglasses and sprint after the runaway cartoon, although they quickly run out of breath and go back to the house to get bicycles. The two argue over who should have to ride the girl's bike, then set out after Smith. While tracking him on foot, Reid and Jon get separated. Jon is taken by surprise when Smith throws a tree at him and opens fire. The two exchange shots while Jon runs for cover. Reid, hearing the gunfire, runs to Jon's aid and shoots at Smith as well. The three engage in a running battle, Smith using his "bullet time" abilities to dodge Jon's shots. This causes Jon to grab a stick and attempt to bludgeon the sketch, but he is quickly overpowered. However, while Smith's attention is on Jon, Reid sneaks up from behind him and sends him flying with a blow from Reid's own stick.

Trying to locate Smith, Jon and Reid don't see the doodle sneaking up on them to shoot them in the back. However, before the shot can connect, Reid manages to turn around in time and catch the bullet. Jon manages to rush past Smith, who engages with Reid in a fist fight. With Reid drawing its attention, Jon is able to get to a better vantage point and shoots Smith with the Scoped Shotgun, killing it.


  • As mentioned above, Agent Smith is a character from The Matrix film series.


  • Due to a copyright claim, the audio on Runaway Smith is muted.
  • Runaway Smith is the first non-animated video uploaded to the Door Monster (then White Lightning HQ) YouTube page, as well as the channel's first appearances of Jon and Reid.