Rodriguez ElCazorro (Character)

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Rodriguez ElCazorro
Rodriguez ElCazorro.png
Actor Kyle Sullivan
Occupation Adventurer; Hero
First Appearance A Fable II Experience

Rodriguez ElCazorro is the main character in the Fable animation series. He is an energetic, egotistical and powerful hero, always looking for an adventure.


A Fable II Experience[edit]

In this animation, ElCazorro makes a new friend, and names him Slappy. Jon, however, secretly engages the two of them, forcing Rodriguez to kill Slappy.

Another Fable II Experience[edit]

In Another Fable II Experience, Rodriguez ElCazorro begins the video by defeating Dash, the self-proclaimed "fastest man in Albion". After that, him and Jon have an altercation in a small town, ending with broken windows, and the hero decides to head to the final boss' lair. There, Rodriguez defeats him easily.

A Fable II Experience: The Final Quest[edit]

In this video, ElCazorro fights a band of thieves for a quest. After getting cornered by guns, Rodriguez invokes a bolt of lightning and kills them all. The hero then asks Jon for what's next, and the companion answers him that he finished all his quests. The hero falls silent after hearing this.

A Fable III Experience[edit]

Rodriguez ElCazorro returns in Fable III, and brings Jon back too. There, he invades a party and kills Reaver twice, raids the castle and dethrones the King, and quickly becomes the new ruler of the land. The hero tries to perform his regal duties for a while, getting bored of it until the castle is invaded by The Crawler. Cazorro, however, defeats him quickly using just a non-intimidated attitude. After realizing that the quest was way too easy, Rodriguez becomes angry and throws the game's developers out of the window.