Rocket League: Professional Strategies

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Rocket League: Professional Strategies
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YouTube Link
Date Released August 10, 2015
Length 2:28
Game Rocket League

Rocket League: Professional Strategies is a sketch that revolves around a team that can't follow its own strategies.

Description: "It takes a lot of skill and careful planning to swarm a giant bomb with such rocket-powered precision."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ethan Gelinas Himself
Jefferey Neely Himself


The video begins with Kyle, Ethan and Jefferey planning a strategy in the team room, with Sullivan drawing a diagram on a board to illustrate his idea. He proposes that Ethan and Jefferey work together to put the ball in the mixer while Kyle hangs back to protect the goal and make the final strike. The other two agree, and they head into the arena.

What happens, however, is chaotic. The entire team repeatedly screams "hit the ball!" while having no coordination whatsoever. They receive a goal, and go back to the drawing board.

Kyle wonders on what went wrong, and Jefferey suggests that maybe, it was because they didn't do anything they planned to do. Ethan decides to take over, and proposes another idea: have two people go after the ball simultaneously while having the third member stay near the enemy goal to center it. Neely calls the idea "flawless", and the team returns to the match.

Again, they only cause chaos. Kyle drives on the ceiling while screaming, and none of them contribute to their strategy. Back to the team room, Jefferey proposes that they make their fuel purple. Kyle asks for how would that help, though Jefferey counters with another question: "how would that not help?" Sullivan states that what he says doesn't make any sense, but if he manages to draw the idea in the board as a strategy diagram, he will take it. Neely does it, and they go back into battle.

Of course, Sullivan only blows someone else's car while Ethan screams like a crazy person. They receive yet another goal.

In the team room, Kyle nonchalantly says that he's not sure they can recover the game at that point. Ethan suggests one final thing: that they go straight into the ball like a swarm of angry beasts. That way, their madness is intentional. Sullivan loves the idea, and they return to the arena. The sketch ends as they scream: "ROCKET LEAGUEEE!"


  • DoodleConn appears in this video, at 1:34. He shows up for only one frame, inside the car that is blown up by Kyle.