Reversive Gaming

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Reversive Gaming
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Date Released May 9, 2016
Length 1:51
Game N/A

Reversive Gaming is a sketch about Kyle using VR to simulate old games.

Description: "First step of owning futuristic entertainment technology - find a way to use for playing games made several decades ago."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ian Conn Himself


The sketch begins with Kyle asking if Ian is ready for the best VR experience. He then starts the VR session claiming it to be a gamer's dream come true. In VR Kyle is playing "Hey You Pikachu" on an N64. Ian is unimpressed with Kyle. Kyle goes on to explain that in VR he has access to every retro console he could ever want. Ian criticizes Kyle by pointing out he's using VR, where he could be doing literally anything he wants such as fight dragons, to play on retro consoles. Kyle claims Ian hasn't seen anything yet and then proceeds to rapidly press his controllers to play a game on a Game Boy Advance. He then goes on to explain he could go to a virtual arcade and play Pac-Man, or go to a virtual theater and watch movies, or sit in front of a virtual version of his computer with other virtual people and have virtual LAN parties. Kyle then realizes that Ian may be right. Ian then grabs Kyle's VR headset and takes it off his head, declaring that he doesn't deserve it. Kyle, in response, exclaims "No, my Game Boy!"

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • A LAN party is a real life gathering of people to play multiplayer games together.