Resting Villain Face

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Resting Villain Face (TGT)
Resting villain face.jpg
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Date Released October 16, 2017
Length 4:33
Game N/A

Resting Villain Face is a TGT-related sketch. In it, Mr. Justice and Amicus Curiae talk about evil-looking people.

Description: "Mr. Justice teaches an aspiring crime fighter how to identify evil at a glance."


Actor Character
JP De Ovando Mr. Justice
Allison Devery Amicus Curiae
Keanan Foley The Asymmetrical Fellow


The video opens with Mr. Justice delivering yet another one of his speeches. He talks about his his role protecting the innocents, and introduces himself yet again, saying that it is Day 7 of Amicus' assessment. Amicus, bored, comments that he introduces himself every day.

Justice acknowledges Amicus' comment and congratulates her for completing the first week, telling her that she's halfway to possibly being selected to the position of Justice's compatriate. Curiae then sarcastically asks if the trials have something to do with his previous partner, a question that the hero responds by saying he doesn't know anything about that, but if he did, he'd say that she's a traitor and a scoundrel.

After all that happens, the next lesson starts - recognizing evil. The vigilante begins by making a broken comparison between people and buildings, and moves on by saying that "eyescars are the broken windows of the face", pointing to a citizen in the street with an eyescar. Mr. Justice also adds that he spots another ne'er-do-well among the crowd, and asks for Curiae to find it.

After some time searching for an individual, Amicus points to a person with a cheek scar. Justice belittles her, however, by saying that she had committed a common mistake - eyescar means villain, cheekscar means hero. Curiae tries to argue that it is the other way around, saying that since "justice is blind", heroes would be the ones with eyescars.

Justice decides to move on, and reveals the answer: bald people. He claims that combining both aforementioned features, one would get what Justice calls "Resting Villain Face". Amicus gets annoyed by this, and says that it is discrimination. Justice counters by saying that discrimination is a psychic weapon created to destroy their resolve and cause feelings of guilt and "something unfamiliar". Amicus says that it is "empathy", and points out that she has the exact same features as he described. She argues that "just because you have a jaw like a shovel doesn't mean that your only choice in life is do good or evil".

The vigilante then enters in a state of deep thought, realizing that his life is probably a lie. He starts to ask himself if there is no good or evil, just shades of grey made up of both at the same time.

Justice forgets his metaphors, giving up all his beliefs. He starts to descend the stairs, commenting that he should probably help "that poor bald man get his money back from that old lady's purse". Amicus stops him, however, and tells him that it is a bad guy. Justice immediately gets relieved and excited at the same time, screaming "JUSTICE!" and rushing to the rescue.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • When Amicus says that "Justice is blind", Mr. Justice replies that "he can see fine". That's a pun with Justice's title.