Refresher Round

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Refresher Round
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YouTube Link
Date Released August 15, 2012
Length 2:00
Game Fighting Games (like Tekken and Street Fighter)

Refresher Round is a sketch revolving around Kyle relearning the controls to a fighting game after not playing it for a long time.

Description: "The only combo I can execute properly is "Muscle Spasm.""


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ricky Linn Himself


The video begins with the announcer counting down to the beginning of the fight. As soon as the match begins, Kyle tells Ricky to wait as he gets the hang of the controls again. He then begins to test buttons. Ricky attempts to get closer to Kyle so he can fight him, but Kyle tells him to keep waiting.

He then continues to test buttons and combos, while the clock continuously runs down. One such combo he attempts to execute is a hadouken, but he only manages to create a small flame. Ricky points out that the timer is going to run out if Kyle continues, meaning that the match will end in a draw and the third person won't be able to switch on.

Kyle tells Ricky that he has almost gotten it and asks him to move over so he can attempt to execute a combo move. He is then seen flailing around, seemingly just pressing random buttons. Finally, after a lot of trial and error, Sullivan is able to execute his special combo move. After this, Ricky and Kyle are able to actually fight. Ricky then knocks out Kyle before he is even able to get one hit in.

The sketch ends.


  • A hadouken is a combo move from Street Fighter that lets the player shoot a fireball at the opponent.