Red Dead Redemption 2: In real life (Squire Perspective)

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Red Dead Redemption 2: In real life (Squire Perspective)
Red Dead Redemption 2- Squire.png
Red Dead Redemption 2: In real life (Squire Perspective) Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released May 8, 2019
Length 2:37
Game Red Dead Redemption 2

"Red Dead Redemption 2: In real life" is composed of two sketches - one from Squire's perspective, and another from the Door Monster perspective. It pokes fun on both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Texan stereotypes.

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Description: "Recently I finally got around to playing Red Dead Redemption 2, and also happened to take a trip to Texas to see my friends over at Door Monster. This is the resulting product."


Actor Character
Squire Himself
Kyle Sullivan Cowboy 1
Joey Basham Store Owner
Jefferey Neely Cowboy 2
Matt Locke Cowboy 3
Michael Sullivan Sheriff


The sketch begins with Squire in a stereotypically texan costume, turning around to face the camera and momentarily losing his hat to the wind.

The scene then changes to a general store, into which Squire enters. The englishman greets two cowboys at the entrance, though both respond with threats and exclamations, which Squire considers rude. The owner of the store soon acknowledges his presence, calling him a scoundrel and claiming that, if he continues to cause trouble, he'll have to "get the law". On the moment after Squire takes a step, however, the owner completely changes his attitude and calls him a friend.

The englishman finds the lack of consistency strange, but ignores it and moves to inspect a can. Another cowboy accidentally touches his hand, however, prompting everyone in the store to consider that "unarmed assault". The cowboy soon punches him in the face, to which Squire responds by telling him he's practically invincible unless someone has a big rock and a horse to fall of. The other man still continues to punch him, and so the englishman pulls out a gun.

All bystanders immediately become frightened at this, and the cowboy claims he'll call the Sheriff. In his "attempt" to go call him, however, the cowboy runs still in front of Squire, blocked by him. Eventually, the youtuber lets him leave and asks everyone to take a breath and calm down.

The scene then changes to the bystanders and the owner tied up, with Squire standing up behind them with his gun. The first cowboy calls him an idiot for not covering his face, but Squire explains frustrated that he's not robbing them and he won't kill them - he'll "just" tie them up and leave them to starve.

With this, a Bandit enters the store and attempts to rob it. The owner, however, simply greets him before getting immediately shot by the stranger. Squire claims he'll defuse the situation, and moves in to talk to him. In his endeavor to try to intimidate him, his gun accidentally goes off, causing the instantaneous death of the outlaw. All the other cowboys become grateful for his help, and one of them says he's welcome any time. The englishman thanks him and touches his shoulder, which triggers another "unarmed assault". The sketch ends with Squire's exasperated sigh, a frustrated scream, and gunshots.


  • This sketch was a collaboration with Squire, and has two perspectives.