Red Dead Redemption 2: In real life (Door Monster Perspective)

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Red Dead Redemption 2: In real life (Door Monster Perspective)
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Red Dead Redemption 2: In real life (Door Monster Perspective) Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released May 8, 2019
Length 2:37
Game Red Dead Redemption 2

"Red Dead Redemption 2: In real life" is composed of two sketches - one from the Door Monster perspective, and another from Squire's perspective. It pokes fun on both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Texan stereotypes.

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Description: "Squire has been playing RDR2, and is ready for his trip to Texas!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Squire Himself
Joey Basham Himself
Jefferey Neely Himself
Matt Locke Himself
Michael Sullivan Sheriff


The sketch begins with Kyle telling Matt Locke that Squire is coming over from England, but since he's been playing a lot of RDR2, he thinks that the state is filled with cowboys trying to murder each other. Soon, the british man in question arrives wearing stereotypical texan clothes and talking using an over-the-top southern accent. Kyle becomes concerned and confused by this, while Matt falls in laughter.

Joey tells Squire that he looks like a texan outlaw and jokes that he'll have to call the Sheriff. Meanwhile, Sullivan and Locke talk about the situation, with the latter pointing out that even if he thinks Texas is a "western", he's not that far off. Kyle dismisses this by insinuating that he doesn't think it's a western, but RDR2.

The scene goes back to focus on Squire, showing him trying to inspect a metal can and accidentally touching Jefferey's hand. The latter apologizes, but the englishman decides to intimidate him by telling him that he's practically invincible unless someone has a big rock and a horse to fall of. This prompts Kyle to take his hat off and try to defuse the situation, though this only makes matter worse as Squire pulls a gun and points it at Sullivan.

Joey immediately gets surprised, while Locke ironically exclaims, "oh my heavens!". Kyle asks Squire where did he get a gun, and the latter answers that he bought it in Walmart. Sullivan and Basham both agree that this makes sense, and Locke points out that the gun isn't loaded. Squire continues his theatrics by pulling out a piece of rope and asking everyone to get down on the ground. Joey, confused, questions if he should call an ambulance, but the englishman tries to argue that he's "the good guy" and is just going to report them all to the sheriff.

The man in question soon arrives and states that there may have been a disturbance. Neely claims that everything is fine, and Squire adds that he's not going to kill them, he'll only tie them up and leave them to starve. The interaction continues with Kyle arguing that they should just play along with Squire's delusion, Locke mocking the situation even further, the Sheriff getting increasingly skeptical of Squire's intentions, and Squire escalating the moment even more. Eventually, he walks up to the Sheriff and pulls the trigger, only for nothing to happen. The policeman then proceeds to simply arrest Squire, and although Jefferey suggests doing something to prevent it, Kyle simply responds, "Nah."

The sketch ends.


  • This sketch was a collaboration with Squire, and has two perspectives.
  • On the website, this sketch is titled "Ollie Goes to Texas" instead of its original title from when it was posted on Youtube.