Raised By Video Games

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Raised by Video Games
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YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRhQTADEvx0
Date Released July 3, 2017
Length 2:12
Game Many games

Raised By Video Games is a sketch featuring a girl that was raised by video games, and tries to apply their mechanics in real life.

Description: "This is how video games corrupt the minds of our youth, probably."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ian Conn Himself
Allison Devery Videogame Girl
Rachel Butcher Herself


The video begins with Kyle talking about Assassin's Creed with Ian. The conversation gets interrupted, however, when Allison quietly enters the room and drops a vase to the floor.

Ian immediately gets surprised by this, demanding an explanation. Kyle tells him that he found Allison abandoned next to demo consoles at a Target, and she thinks that people put money inside vases. Allison continues to drop the jars, taking some dollars from inside one of them. Ian, still outraged, asks if this is normal, and Kyle tells him that it happens a lot.

The video then starts to show the various situations Kyle got himself into because of Allison.

The first one shows Allison walking in place, with Kyle asking what she is doing. She completely ignores him, however, and Kyle tries to get her attention by saying "hey, listen." Devery gets angry, however, and screams "shut up, you dumb fairy!"

The second one has Allison throwing a pillow at Kyle's face, prompting him to turn around and see who's there. He sees Allison "hidden" inside a cardboard box, and says that he can still see her.

The third one shows Allison trying to open a door with a banana and a teddy bear. Kyle asks why she's doing that, and Allison explains that she's just trying everything to see what works.

The fourth one features Devery hitting pieces of wood repeatedly while screaming "Craft!" over and over again.

The fifth one has Allison eating a pie all by herself. When Kyle inquires on what she's doing, Allison responds that she got hit by a car and needs HP. Sullivan gets extremely confused by that.

In the sixth segment, Devery asks the bathroom's location to Rachel, who responds that it's to the left. Allison goes to the right path, though, claiming that she has to check the other way first, just in case.

Finally, in the last part, Allison returns home with a box of equipments that she got from her enemies. Kyle first accuses her of being "one of those players that equips everything they find", but then immediately switches his question to "what enemies?"

The segments end, and the video returns to Kyle and Ian's conversation. Ian asks if Kyle's life is basically an escort mission, and Sullivan responds that he has to watch her constantly. Conn smiles, holding Kyle's shoulder and telling him that he's not the escort in that situation. As soon as he finishes that sentence, however, Allison immediately tackles Ian, screaming "BACK OFF! and ending the sketch.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The implication in the last part of the sketch is that Allison is protecting Kyle. When Ian touched Kyle's shoulder, Allison viewed that as a threat, and attacked Ian in response.


  • The conversation in the beginning of the video is a reference to The Patient Gamer.
  • The line "Hey, listen!" is spoken a lot by Navi, one of Link's companions in The Legend of Zelda series.
  • Snake from the Metal Gear series is infamous for using a cardboard box to hide himself.
  • The act of "trying everything to see what works" is usually employed in point-and-click games.
  • The "craft" segment seems to be a reference to Minecraft.