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Rachel has appeared in a good number of sketches, usually accompanied by Ian. While Conn usually plays the voice of reason, Butcher mostly appears as a crazy person.

Crazy Rachel[edit]

Crazy Rachel
Crazy Rachel.png
Name Status Fan Name
Actor Rachel Butcher
Occupation Crazy Person
First Appearance Collaborative Consumption

Rachel has appeared in some sketches as an unbalanced, out-of-the-norm, and overall crazy person. This crazy factor can manifest in various different ways.


Collaborative Consumption[edit]

In Collaborative Consumption, Rachel reveals her complex web of online trades, deals, and services to Ian. With it, she can get almost anything done without leaving her apartment. When asked for how she manages to do it, Rachel explains that Kyle is the one responsible for all the planning and the money comes from a deal with the Gambino family.

Doctor Strange: Working Magic[edit]

In Doctor Strange: Working Magic, Rachel catches Ian summoning a Sky Portal to return home with some donuts. After seeing it, she demands for him to do stuff for her in exchange for her silence on the matter. Conn, disgruntled, agrees, though Rachel decides to steal his book and learn his magic. At the end of the sketch, Butcher teleports to the Mirror Dimension and gets the donuts Ian bought.


In Triggered, Butcher plays a Texan gun enthusiast. She enters in an argument with Ian regarding gun technicalities, until suddenly, Kyle barges into their house. Both Ian and Rachel shoot him in an excessive number of times, until he finally dies. After that, Butcher claims that Sullivan invaded her house.

D&D: Forgotten But Not Gone[edit]

In D&D: Forgotten But Not Gone, Rachel dies in Allison's RPG Campaign. Because of this, she begins playing as various different "forest creatures" to help other players revive her. These creatures, especially the Talking Tree, have weird voices and act in over-the-top manners.

Ark: Alpha Tribe[edit]

In Ark: Alpha Tribe, Rachel plays an overleveled player who griefs others and mounts dinosaurs. She constantly speaks in a very forced fashion, as if she was giving a speech.


Traveler Rachel.png
Name Status Fan Name
Actor Rachel Butcher
Occupation Traveler
First Appearance Talk to the Hand

Rachel has appeared twice as a traveler, always wearing a backpack. She knows the Hobo.


Talk to the Hand[edit]

In Talk to the Hand, Rachel meets the Hobo. EH persistently tries to sell her a map, using even a puppet to convince her. Butcher, initially weirded out by the Hobo, decides to help him in the end.

Comical Road Trip (3rd Year Finale)[edit]

Rachel briefly appears in the 3rd Year Finale, recognizing the Hobo as he passes by. EH, however, holds her and tries to use her as a captive, though his plan fails when Ian just shoots her.