Rachel Butcher

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Rachel Butcher
Photo rachel.png
Rachel Butcher
Full Name Rachel Butcher
Role Actress; Production Assistant
First Appearance The Sims: Always Check Hallways

"Rachel has acted in several of DM's most popular videos, including Doing Something About Gandhi and KSP: Rescue Mission. When she's not acting, she's often helping out behind the scenes, or at least standing somewhere behind the scenes and taking lots of pictures for the Instagram account. And then more for her own Instagram account."
-Door Monster Site


Rachel is a Latin teacher and illustrator outside of Door Monster. She is also the owner of a dog named "Gatsby".

Rachel and Ian are currently in a relationship.


Rachel Butcher[edit]

Drinking Horn Time Traveler[edit]

Rachel has appeared in some time travel-related videos as a homonymous singing woman that walks around with a drinking horn and a black beret. According to herself, she's british, although the song she sings is French. The character apparently died to the IKEA Notebook in SFI 3.

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 2
Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 3

Valentina Kerman[edit]

Rachel has appeared in the fourth Kerbal Space Program as Valentina Kerman, an expert Pilot that know everything to know about flying a rocket except how to land. She usually gets the job done quickly and efficiently, and understands basic KSP terminology.

Kerbal Space Program: Rescue Mission

Appearance List[edit]