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Psychomachia Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released February 4, 2019
Length 2:41
Game N/A

Psychomachia is a sketch that plays with the shoulder angel/shoulder demon trope.

Description: "The eternal question - who gets the last slice of pizza?"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself and the physical personifications of his fragmented mind
Allison Devery Herself


The video begins with Kyle entering the kitchen and seeing the last slice of pizza before him. Suddenly, Evil Kyle and Angel Kyle appear, with the two arguing for eating and not eating the pizza, respectively. The Angel says that there might be someone in the party caught up in polite conversation, and eating that slice would take all the happiness away from them. The Evil one, meanwhile, dismisses all of that and simply tells him to just eat it. After some more back and forth, the Evil one asks Kyle if he really needs them for this, and he responds by saying that it's their job to make difficult moral decisions for him. The Angel, however, states that they just need to make the conflict painfully transparent - Kyle is still the one that makes the decision.

Suddenly, a second evil Kyle appears and says that, if anything, they only make it harder. Sullivan, confused, questions why does he have two Evil versions of himself, to which the first evil Kyle responds by telling him that he's kind of a jerk. Kyle then asks if there are more versions of himself, and while the devils respond with a "no", the Angel, who always tells the truth, responds with "yes". Kyle tells him to bring them out.

Many versions of Kyle appear consecutively, with the order being "Hungry Kyle", who excitedly yells Pizza everytime he appears; "Buff Kyle", who suggests doing exercise and eating vegetables; "Nerd Kyle", who only talks about Spider-Man movies; "Moustache-Twirling Kyle", who reminds him that Ethan took the last slice of Kirk's housewarming party, and so he should take this one just to get back at him; "Lazy Kyle", who suggests sitting down and resting; "Workaholic Kyle", who tells him that he shouldn't be there, since he has work in the morning; "Adventurous Kyle", who proposes quitting his job and going travelling; "Pirate Kyle", who goes one step further and suggests becoming a pirate; and the last one, "Hippie Kyle", who says that the answer was inside him all along - he has always wanted to steal from people.

The hippie forgets about what they were talking about, and abruptly other versions of Kyle start appearing and talking again. After the ensuing chaos, Kyle asks, yelling, if anyone wants the last slice of pizza. Allison answers in the background that they don't, and Sullivan, satisfied, moves to take the last slice. Angel, however, appears again and raises the possibility that they are just being nice. Frustrated, Kyle says that he'll just buy his own.

The sketch ends.



  • "Buff Kyle"'s muscles are not real - Allison drew them.
  • According to Ian, the inspiration for the sketch was Ethan having this dillemma at Kirk's housewarming party.