Pokemon Go: This Is Life Now

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Pokemon Go: This Is Life Now
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Pokemon Go: This Is Life Now Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5o9Zvb7GBZ4
Date Released July 18, 2016
Length 2:16
Game Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go: This Is Life Now is a sketch about Pokemon Go's explosion of popularity.

Description: "Kyle is late to the Pokemon Go craze."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Jefferey Neely Himself


The video begins with Jefferey in a Pokemon Trainer costume, preparing his backpack for something. Kyle, with sleepy eyes, enters the room and asks if Jefferey is going somewhere. Neely answers that he's going to catch Pokémon. Kyle initially raises no objections, though this quickly changes when he actually processes what he just heard, and asks for an explanation.

Neely queries on where he has been, to which Sullivan simply responds by saying, "Sleeping". The young man then explains that the world is now the Pokémon World, with the only difference being that the Pokémon are inside their phones. Kyle seems skeptic, asserting that it is impossible for the franchise's primary fanbase be going outside.

The two argue for a while until Sullivan looks at the TV, and sees The View discussing about Pokémon. Neely repeats that "This is life now", though Kyle insistently denies it, claiming that it is just an internet fad like the Harlem Shake, the Arrow to the Knee meme and "that frog on the unicycle". The conversation is interrupted, however, by Kyle's ringtone, informing him about an incoming call from Joey. Sullivan accepts it.

Joey asks for "what's up", to which he responds by saying that he feels like an obvious punchline is coming. Basham acknowledges Kyle's observation and moves on to talking about Rattata, though Kyle quickly hangs up. Jefferey then warns him about the fact that he's weeks behind in the Pokémon race, and tells him that he could buy an account online. After saying that, the "trainer" leaves the house, in search of more Pokémon to catch. Kyle has an idea.

And so, the video cuts to outside, with Jefferey looking at his phone. Suddenly, Sullivan in a black Team Rocket costume appears, running towards Neely, punching him and stealing his phone. As the thief runs away, he screams, "Team Rocket!"

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The punchline is literal here: Kyle literally punches Jefferey in the end.
  • Sullivan's idea is to steal Neely's phone and sell his account on the internet.


  • Joey talking about Rattata is probably a reference to Youngster Joey, a trainer that is obssessed with his own Rattata, claiming that he is in the top percentage of all Rattata.