Pokemon: Teams These Days

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Pokemon: Teams These Days
YT TeamsTheseDays.jpg
Pokemon: Teams These Days Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cf5MHkSBhiU
Date Released November 21, 2016
Length 4:13
Game Pokemon

Pokemon: Teams These Days is a sketch about two old Team Rocket grunts discuss all the problems with the new villain teams.

Description: "Two retired Team Rocket grunts complain about all the criminal organizations that have come since their day. Made in celebration of Pokemon Sun and Moon!"


Actor Character
Lance Barnett Team Rocket Grunt #1
Paul Grubb Team Rocket Grunt #2
Joey Basham Trainer
Kyle Sullivan Team Skull Grunt #1
Ian Conn Team Skull Grunt #2


The sketch begins with the two Team Rocket grunts talking about Team Skull. The second grunt questions where they even find members as they just seem to grab homeless kids and give them an outfit. The first grunt then begins to talk about how every criminal organization has been a disgrace since Rocket. They then go on to talk about the flaws in Team Magma and Aqua's plans before discussing Team Galactic's plan to try and alter the fabric of reality. They question how things became both more complicated and childish at the same time and mentions how Team Plasma is the only other group who just steals things anymore. The second grunt mentions that they're also a "bunch of hippie activists that wear berets, except during their Medieval Times phase" and how their leader thinks he can talk to Pokemon. They finally get down to Team Flare and criticize how they look like they "jumped out of a k-pop video."

Joey then walks up to the counter next to the two Rocket grunts and order a Lum Berry mojito. He then asks them what the R's on their shirts mean to which they reply that they're Team Rocket. Joey recalls that they were like the Poke'mafia and then got beat by a ten year old. The first grunt threatens to fight Joey, but he backs out, not wanting to stress out his Rattata. As Joey leaves the first grunts taunts him and bets that he'd run away from Zubats. After they sit back down the second grunt asks if the first had any Pokemon on him and he responds that he only has a Rattata. The second grunt admits that Team Rocket is just as bad as all the other teams as they specialize in stealing Pokemon, but don't have any good ones. The first grunt mentions how they genetically engineered the most powerful Pokemon anyone has ever seen, but the second grunt counters that it escaped immediately and then their organization collapsed when their boss was beaten by a homeless kid.

Two Team Skull Grunts then walk into the store and asks the two Team Rocket grunts how unemployment is. The first Rocket grunt says they make more money than Team Skull will make in their entire lives. The Team Skull grunt scoffs and claims they're "makin' bank" and they just don't know. The Rockets then say they couldn't afford the snacks they eat to which Team Skull responds by saying they could buy whatever they want. The second Rocket grunt then pulls out a fresh Slowpoke tail and mentions that it costs more than they could carry in their baggy pants. The Team Skull grunts then claim that "money's no thing" and buys the tail and lets the Rocket grunts keep the card. They then take the tail and leave. The two Rocket grunts share a high five.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Rattata is a rat-like Pokemon that members of Team Rocket frequently used.
  • Zubats are notoriously annoying to encounter as they're everywhere in caves and many players tend to run away from them rather than bother fighting them.
  • The Pokemon Team Rocket genetically engineered was Mewtwo.