Papers, Please: Typographical Errors

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Papers, Please: Typographical Errors
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YouTube Link
Date Released August 24, 2015
Length 2:30
Game Papers, Please

Papers, Please: Typographical Errors is a Papers, Please sketch. In it, Jegor tries to pass through the Arstotzka border point. The sketch is part of the KGB series.



Actor Character
Jefferey Neely Border Inspector
Ian Conn Jegor


The video begins with Jegor entering the inspection booth, giving his passport to the Inspector. The Inspector immediately asks for Jegor's entry permit, saying that all entrants must provide one. Jegor asks, "since when?", to which the Inspector answers, "about 20 minutes ago". Jegor tries to argue with the officer, but backs down when he threatens to call the guards.

Jegor returns with his passport and entry permit. The Inspector immediately denies him, though, and says that the passport numbers don't match. Jegor exclaims that it is a typographical error, but the officer counters by pointing to a sign that says "'Typographical Error' has never been a valid excuse."

Jegor comes back with another passport and entry permit, and claims that it is fixed. The Inspector looks at the passport and finds out that not only it is expired, but it says that he's a woman. He then realizes that the passport is really just from another person. Jegor apologises and says that he showed him the wrong one, but the Inspector stops him, saying that he now also requires a Work Pass and "some other stuff".

Jegor returns with a pile of documents, and says that that it is bureaucratic incompetence. The Inspector responds by saying he doesn't disagree with Smirnov, but he clearly forged half of them. Jegor leaves and comes back with a valid Work Pass. The Inspector reads it and says that the document claims that Jegor came to assassinate someone. When asked if he has a license (to kill), Jegor responds with "Nyet".

Jegor returns with a License to Kill, and tells the Inspector that he spent 9 hours to get it. The Inspector says that he gets paid by the number of people he processes, and the russian responds by saying that he'll help, walking to the other side of the booth without getting approved. The officer quickly pulls a tranquilizer rifle and shoots him.

Jegor appears again, with his hair messy due to getting tranquilized. The Inspector claims that he needs a body scan, since Jegor is a confirmed hitman, and the KGB agent mutters that that is profiling. Right after getting the scan's results, the Inspector makes an asking face, and Jegor reveals the bomb inside his jacket, dropping it on the table. The Inspector calmly calls the guards.

Jegor returns with another pile of documents, and claims that nothing is wrong and he'll have to let him through. The Inspector sighs and gives a quick glance through the documents before finally approving the russian. He then gives the documents back and exclaims "Glory to Arstotzka".

Jegor leaves the booth, and after a couple of seconds, the sound of a citation being printed is played. The Inspector gets surprised, while Jegor happily exclaims, "Issuing city was wrong! You lose!"

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The line "About 20 minutes ago" jokes with the fact that the entry rules in Arstozka seem to change literally daily.


  • Jegor's lack of a License to Kill is a reference to License to Maim.
  • DoodleConn appears in this video, at 0:01. He's in the line to the booth, at the superior left part of the screen.