On the Line

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On the Line
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YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWv4T6EIuLI
Date Released February 25, 2019
Length 2:58
Game Games in general

On the Line is a sketch that revolves around an NPC practicing the line he'll say when he meets the player character.

Description: "An NPC practices his one big line."


Actor Character
Ian Conn Anxious NPC
Ethan Gelinas Confident NPC
Allison Devery The Protagonist


The sketch begins with Ian's character practicing his lines. Suddenly, Ethan's character appears, asking for why is he talking to himself. The self-talker responds that he has a line, and informs him that the Protagonist is going to come by that day. Gelinas' character comments that, due to her former feats, talking to the Protagonist must be a lot of pressure, suggesting that taking that responsability could be a bad idea. He then asks for Ian's character's line, to which he responds: "Rest easy, traveler. All of your basic needs will be taken care of after your long journey. Just leave it to us."

Ethan's character throws his hands in the air and concludes that the line is tricky. The two NPCs discuss on whether or not the line is difficult, with Gelinas' character arguing that someone could accidentally botch a line and say things like, "A winner is you", "I am error" or "Welcome to die". He says that, with the line as it is, Conn's character will end up either forgotten or hated. With this, Ian's character is convinced, and the two begin to brainstorm new ways to say his line.

First, the one with the line tries to say it in his usual way, but Ethan's character finds it boring. Then, he tries to act cool and relaxed, but the other one comments that it sounds "illegal". Many other attempts are tried, including begging, ordering, seducing and annoying, but before they find a suitable way to speak it, the Protagonist appears, accompanied by an epic score. Conn's character becomes anxious and worried, telling the other NPC that he isn't ready. Gelinas' character, concluding his plan to get the line, suggests being the one who says it. The NPC immediately accepts, and the Protagonist moves to talk to them.

Ethan's character, with a big smile on his face, says, "Welcome, all your base are belong to us". With this, Ian's character immediately gets terrified, while the Protagonist asks, confused, if he is threatening her. He tries to fix the situation by saying, "welcome to die", only to be met by a fatal fireball coming from the hero. She then turns to Conn's character and asks for his name, to which he answers, at the peak of nervosity: "I am error".

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The entire sketch is a reference and a joke to NPCs in games, usually old ones, who usually only have one or two lines which they repeat incessantly.
  • "Welcome to die" and "I am error" were the botched lines that Gelinas' character used as an example at the beginning of the sketch.


  • "All your base are belong to us" is a famous translation error found in the opening cutscene of the 1992 Mega Drive port of the arcade video game Zero Wing.