On Set: What

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On Set: What
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On Set: What Thumbail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzfBOuXIr2Q
Date Released April 10, 2017
Length 1:54
Game N/A

On Set: What is a short sketch starring Kyle and Ian. It mostly explores the obsessively perfectionist mindset that can come about when directing by having the characters make multiple takes of a single line.

Description: "In this first totally-not-scripted look at life behind Door Monster Entertainment, Kyle and Ian try to get the perfect delivery on an important line."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ian Conn Himself


Begining with a somber "What?" from Ian, the sketch quickly shows that he and Kyle are working off a script wherein Ian needs to say the word "what". Unfortunately for the duo, the reading of the line seems to be off from what the director, Kyle, is wanting for the sketch. This leads to Kyle giving directions that Ian attempts to internalize and vocalize with his continued "What?"s.

Sadly, this does not work properly, leading to Kyle switching spots with Ian to show him what he wants in a "What". However, Kyle is just as bad an actor as Ian therefore he needs multiple attempts to "What" properly. During this, Ian, seemingly helpfully, gives direction to Kyle to try achieving the proper "What". Ian's increasingly confusing and metaphysical instructions eventually causes Kyle to get confused and give a genuine "What?" that apparently fits the script.

Lamentably, it is pointed out that Kyle is not the one who was suppose to "What". So Ian retakes his place as actor to try and recreate the excellent "What" that Kyle had, to no avail. Instead, it is decided to work around the issue after filming.

The scene is changed to Kyle's editing room where we see him go through the takes of "What" only to proclaim he liked the initial "What" better, eliciting a final frustrated "What!?" from Ian.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Both Kyle and Ian give the direction to try and say the line more "like Matt Locke". Matt is a frequent guest actor in Door Monster videos who has been praised by Kyle for his acting ability.
  • When Ian says to do it "purpler", Kyle attempts a British pronunciation of the word. This could be a reference to purple being historically seen as a "royal" color, and Great Britain being famous for its royal family. An other theory is that he is not using a "British accent" but that he is trying to impersonate Waluigi, a video game caracter wearing purple clothes.