Oh, the Technology!

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Oh, the Technology!
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YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuY7CG3yj0w
Date Released October 31, 2011
Length 2:28
Game N/A

Oh, the Technology! is a sketch about computer problems.

Description: "My computer and I have our weekly fight."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself


Kyle is typing at his keyboard, working on an animation. Satisfied with his work, the animator reaches for the "save" button, when suddenly, the computer closes the program unexpectedly, signalized by the appearance of a monocle, fake moustache and a top hat on the PC's monitor, in an act of mockery. Outraged, Kyle starts to scream at his computer, demanding for it to pull open the last save. The same three items appear again, as it is revealed that the animation's file got corrupted.

Sullivan rants for a little more, to which the PC responds by showing an image of a "troll face". Kyle then says that the two need to talk, though the computer just feigns reading, scrolling through pages of text. Kyle comments on how the machine gets a "mini-seizure" every time he tries to close a program, and calls the PC lazy. The computer answers by laying down on a pillow, which makes Kyle even more rageful.

The animator reminds the computer of the time when he fixed them by replacing its disk drive after it got a virus, and the time when he installed a new graphics card so it could play more games. The PC responds by opening Half-Life 2.

Kyle admits that the computer has its own problems, but asks for what he's supposed to do when the computer doesn't even talk to him, just leaves him cryptic error messages like "Java Exception". When asked for what that means, the computer answers by "spawning" a coffee mug beside it. Sullivan briefly laughs at the joke before getting serious again, questioning if the PC considers all of that just a big joke.

The top hat, monocle and moustache combination appear again, as the computer opens up a video editor and starts recording Kyle's rant. Next, it begins to browse Youtube, uploading the video it just recorded, with the title "Stupid Guy Yells at Computer". When threatened of getting his Wi-Fi cut, however, the PC just brings up a Blue Screen of Death. Kyle, completely outraged, leaves the room.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The joke with "Java exception" is that Java's name and icon represent coffee.