Officer Kurt (Character)

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Officer Kurt
Officer Kurt.png
Actor Kyle Sullivan
Occupation Police Officer
First Appearance A Civil Warning

Officer Kurt is a recurring character in the Marvel Series. He is a witty, prideful and cocky police officer, who works with Officer Walt.


A Civil Warning[edit]

In this video, Kurt and Walt interrogate Black Widow regarding a parking violation. At a certain point of their discussion, the superhero asks them to go catch criminals instead of harassing her. Kurt responds by saying that if he wanted to fight criminals, he would've become a superhero, which prompts Walt to ask him what would his superhero name be. Kurt eventually decides on "Kurtical Mass". At the end of the video, the two cops discover that Black Widow was indeed the one that caused the parking violation. She tries to claim that the city needs her, but Kurt and Walt are not convinced. Widow then loses her patience and beats up the two cops.

Captain America: Winter Jacket[edit]

In Captain America: Winter Jacket, Kurt and Walt try to find Captain America among three suspects. The superhero, who is using a "civilian costume", manages to not be found by the two cops, mostly due to their insistence on ignoring people with sweatshirts and aviator glasses.