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No Service
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Date Released January 23, 2012
Length 1:51
Game N/A

No Service is an animation that revolves around the discussion between a restaurant doorman and an excentric guest.

Description: "I totally actually saw this guy at a restaurant, no joke. He was dressed EXACTLY like that, sitting at a table by himself. And it wasn't like a fast food joint; it was a pretty upscale place.

Anyway, I'm rather proud of myself for finishing two cartoons within a month of each other, so I'm gonna go off and smile now. Please enjoy yourself."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Doorman, Guest, Guards


The animation begins with a large man, wearing an orange T-shirt, walking towards a restaurant doorman and greeting him. The formally dressed man asks the guest for what does he want, and the latter responds that he wants to go inside. The doorman, however, forbids him from entering, due to his attire not obeying their dress code.

The large man becomes surprised, and the two have a discussion. The commissionaire explains that the restaurant is "like the fanciest restaurant in the city", and that he can't enter because he's wearing an orange t-shirt and white, stretchy corduroy shorts. He goes on to suggest that he should go to Burger King.

The guest, mildly annoyed, asks if the doorman can just decide what is fancy and what is not, and the latter says that he can. The large man then argues that his attire could be fancy in another culture, to which the doorman counters by asking which culture would that be. The guest claims asian, but the man doesn't buy it. The large man continues, not only saying that he's actually a king but also threatning the doorman. The commissionaire still doesn't believe him.

A back-and-forth debate commences. The apparent king argues that there are only six people inside the restaurant, but the doorman says that he probably doesn't have any money. The large man tells him that he actually has lots of money, though the dressed man points out that the "king" doesn't have shoes. This continues for a while until two guards, mounted on pandas and armed with spears, appear behind the guest. They claim that they are finished parking the RV, much to the commissionaire's surprise. The large man then exclaims that the doorman didn't let him in, prompting the guards to say that he offended the king, and that the penalty is death. One of the soldiers pulls out a gun and shoots the man, opening the path for the king, who says, "Sweet, I'm getting a burrito."

The animation ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The sign in the background reveals the restaurant's name: "Like the Fanciest Restaurant in the City". What the doorman said wasn't just a claim, but the actual name of the establishment.