No Man's Sky: Plain Language

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No Man's Sky: Plain Language
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Date Released August 29, 2016
Length 2:54
Game No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky: Plain Language is a sketch that satirizes the language system present in the game No Man's Sky.

Description: "If No Man's Sky were an old space opera... there still wouldn't be much going on."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Space Adventurer, Alien


The video begins with a Space Adventurer landing on an undiscovered world, commenting on its "slightly varied terrain", "funky rock formations" and "exotic lifeforms". After receiving no answer from anyone, since there's no one there to respond in the first place, he also comments that he's very alone.

An opening in the style of Flash Gordon is shown, with the title of the sketch. It is important to note that the entire video is in black and white, also to mimic the aforementioned show.

The sketch begins with the Space Adventurer greeting an alien, whose lines are only revealed through subtitles, since he talks in a different language. The explorer introduces himself and asks for assistance, while the alien grumbles that, despite him moving to a desolate planet, interlopers still wander into his house. The adventurer, after hearing just alien noises and sounds, explains that he doesn't understand the alien language aside from a few words. According to him, he only knows one complete sentence, and that's because he had to yell it repeatedly at some software developers.

The alien gets angry and screams that he doesn't want to hear about the explorer's stories. The traveler, however, only hears the word "stories", to which he responds by saying that he has a lot of stories to tell. He begins to describe the planets he has visited, while the extraterrestrial simply facepalms in annoyance. After finishing his tales of adventure, the voyager asks for plutonium.

Both humanoids discuss about plutonium, with the explorer repeatedly missing the meaning behind the alien's words. After some conversation, the alien comments that he hates tourists. The traveler tries to defend himself, saying that he's an adventurer that catalogs creatures and gives them "scientifish" names, like "Buttchetus Nonexistus". The extraterrestrial, in an irritated tone, asks wether he did that before or after covering his yard with Sentinel scrap. The adventurer, only getting the word "Sentinel" out of the sentence, comments that he has destroyed hundreds of them. The other calls him imbecile, telling him that they're a security force.

Some more discussion occurs, ending with the voyager asking if the alien is interested in buying base metals, offering a deal of 60 for each piece. The extraterrestrial, now outraged, screams "HOW DO YOU JUSTIFY CHARGING SIXTY DOLLARS FOR THAT?". The adventurer understands every word of the last line, saying that that was the sentence he talked about earlier.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The punchline of this sketch is the sentence "How do you justify charging sixty dollars for that?", a question that, according to the video, was repeatedly used to scream at "software developers". That's a reference to the No Man's Sky controversy, as most purchasers were unhappy with the high cost of the game compared to its content, leading to outrage against the game's developers.


  • The entire video nods to Flash Gordon, a space opera show from the 30s.


  • "Buttchetus Nonexistus" is played by Rachel's dog, Gatsby.
  • No Man's Sky language works using a "word-by-word" system. Basically, players learn individual words through Alien Monoliths, which then get highlighted and translated when they appear in text.