No Crime Intended

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No Crime Intended
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Date Released April 20, 2015
Length 1:23
Game N/A

No Crime Intended is a short sketch satirizing "no copyright infringement intended" disclaimers.

Description: "We did make this video. This is ours. No stealing."


Actor Character
Ethan Gelinas Himself
Ian Conn Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself/Police?


Ethan is looking at his computer, examining the description of a movie uploaded to Youtube. It reads, ""I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO - NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED". Ethan looks surprised.

The video then cuts to Ian at his house, reading a book. The door suddenly opens, revealing Ethan in a mask. He immediately enters the residence and starts stealing some objects, claiming that he does not own anything inside the house, and that no burglary is intended.

Ian shows clear outrage, but soon, Kyle the Police Officer appears. He quickly orders Ethan to put down his items, however Gelinas "counters" that he did not buy anything, gives all credit to "guy in couch", and explains that he does not intend to infringe any property rights. Kyle looks extremely confused, saying that he can't argue with him, since everything he said is true.

Ian points out that acknowledging that he's doing something wrong does not make it "okay". Ethan quietly protests that "he saw it on the internet", a sentence to which Kyle responds by saying "hey, me too".

Both Sullivan and Gelinas end up agreeing that Ian is right, and Ethan returns his items. After a short silence, Ethan proposes watching Age of Ultron. Kyle says that it is not even out yet, but Gelinas responds by saying "doesn't need to be". Both of them exchange "Ayee"s, and Ian looks worried. A metal sound is heard, and Gelinas is handcuffed by Kyle.

The sketch ends.


  • DoodleConn appears in this video, at 0:17. He's in the big portrait on the left side of the screen.