Newspaper (Running Gag)

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Newspaper's first instance
Type Visual, Concept
Related Series Marvel (Series)
First Instance Spider-Man: Workers Comp

"Newspaper" is a running gag found at the end of Spider-Man related sketches. It consists of a newspaper appearing on the screen with a mistaken, often negative version of the videos' events, references to other Marvel sketches, and jokes.

List of Instances[edit]

Spider-Man: Workers Comp[edit]

In its first iteration, the Newspaper puts Spider-Man's attack on the Worker in a bad light, claiming that he has assalted him. The smaller news at the side feature a reference to Daredevil's Signature Move, a reference to the channel's name change (from White Lightning HQ to Door Monster), and a joke news article poking fun at viewers who paused the video to read the newspaper.

Spider-Man: Biggest Fan[edit]

In Spider-Man: Biggest Fan, the main article claims that Spider-Man "wiped out" the NYC Ski Team, showing a photo of him surrounded by criminals wearing ski masks. The messages at the newspaper's edges include a Merry Christmas note, a joke with this running gag, and a reference to Officer Kurt and Officer Walter, both of whom condemn Spider-Man's actions.

Hardly Working (Spider-Man PS4)[edit]

In this sketch, the newspaper mistakenly claims that Mary Jane is a new menace in town. The side news feature a message claiming that the Series has no continuity whatsoever, a reference to Straight Man (Superhero Origin Story), and a reference to Captain America: Winter Jacket.