Murder, He Noted

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Murder, He Noted
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Date Released June 26, 2017
Length 2:42
Game N/A

Murder, He Noted is a sketch that revolves around an over-confident detective and a body covered with messages.

Description: "A grizzled detective discovers a body covered in mysterious messages."


Actor Character
Ian Conn Detective
Rachel Butcher Maggie


The video begins with Kyle on the floor, dead. A woman and a detective are looking at him, the latter holding a can of soda and commenting that he is the third dead body that week. After some remarks about his own competence as a detective, the man starts to search for clues regarding the killer.

The first clue is found on the victim's hand - the name "Meg". The detective comments that it could be his girlfriend, an acronym, or the killer. The woman, who is called Maggie, asks for which one does he think it is. The detective awkwardly responds that he has no idea, and moves on to the next clue.

The second clue is found on the victim's wrist - a stylized version of the letter "S" (also known as Super S Stussy). While holding Kyle's hand, the investigator affirms that he has seen it before. Maggie, unimpressed, comments that so did she. The detective ignores her and continues by claiming that the symbol is related to "The Serpent", the organization he has been tracking down for decades. The woman, however, points out that it's just the Super S Stuzzy, showing her own wrist and revealing the same symbol drawn on it.

The investigator gets shocked and accuses Maggie of working with the serpent, to which she responds by saying that they were just bored in class and that the icon means literally nothing. The detective asks if she is claiming that the matching symbols are just a coincidence, and Maggie confirms it. After hearing that, the detective gets up and belittles her, before moving on again to the next clue.

The third clue is found on the right hand's wrist - a phone number. While the detective theorizes around it being related to a witness or the killer, the woman passes it off as just a number he had to remember. The investigator brings up his own cell phone and calls it, revealing that the number belongs to Maggie. When asked for the meaning of that, she responds by saying that she and the victim are just colleagues.

After some more investigation, the detective finds the fourth clue on Kyle's right arm - it is a shopping list, containing the items "Soda", "Raid" and "Antifreeze". The investigator claims they could be murder weapons, but Maggie proposes that they are probably just a shopping list, belittling the detective in the process.

Both banter for a short while before finally, the detective reveals his theory: the victim was poisoned. It would explain the lack of injuries and the fact that he had enough time to write everything down. The woman counters the last argument, however, by saying that he could've written the notes earlier. The investigator then takes a sip from his soda and realizes that he is stumped. The act is quickly revealed to be an unpleasant, grave mistake, as not even two seconds pass before he starts to lose balance and fall to the floor due to poisoning. Watching the detective slowly die, Maggie concludes that she should start using guns. The sketch ends with the detective claiming that he's always right and asking for a pen to write down his final notes.