Mr. Justice (Character)

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Mr. Justice
Actor JP De Ovando
Occupation Crimefighter
First Appearance The Guards Themselves - Part 1

Mr. Justice, also known as Paul, is a Crimefighter, and one of the secondary antagonists of The Guards Themselves. He is a strong, proud and ignorant man, constantly speaking of justice and heroism.


The Guards Themselves - Part 1[edit]

Mr. Justice first appears at the "Queen & Lord" bank, foiling MasterFusion and Big Fist's infiltration. He fights and talks with the latter, exchanging punches and tips about hair products. Mr. Justice and Spectacle are later mentioned and praised about their act in the local news.

The Guards Themselves - Part 2[edit]

While the Anarchists are trying to obtain an ID Badge from a Meyer Guard, Mr. Justice and Spectacle are giving autographs to some citizens. The latter, however, quickly notices MasterFusion on the roof, and calls Paul to fight the criminals. Mr. Justice reminisces about his past for a little while and then proceeds to dash to Big Fist, making a speech about how justice has come to serve him. Scott takes this opportunity and runs away, making Paul chase him. The Crimefighter eventually finds him checking his hair on a car window's reflection, giving him the chance to approach. When Mr. Justice finally gets to him, however, The Arsonist distracts him with his flames and makes him bump into the Meyer Guard that was running after him. With this, Paul falls to the ground.

The Guards Themselves - Part 3[edit]

The Crimefighter duo is later seen in the middle of the city, hearing a cry for help. As Mr. Justice begins yet another speech, Spectacle runs to the scene, making him have to stop talking. When the two get there, they find three Meyer guards surrounding an Anarchist. Paul initially calls them "evildoers", but quickly regrets that when he realizes that they're the police. The two sides begin to have an argument when one of the guards tells Paul that he's in a restricted area, and ends with the same guard hitting Justice in the back. Spectacle tries to tase one of the officers, but stops when all three of them point their guns. The duo promptly raise their hands, and get hauled to jail.

They are later seen inside the Meyer Prison, escaping with the help of the Anarchists.

The Guards Themselves - Part 4[edit]

At the Anarchist Bunker, Big Fist tells the duo that they can stay until everything goes back to normal. Justice thanks him using his unusual speech, which Richie calls "stupid". Later, Paul admits that he accepted Meyer's payment for his crimefighting, annoying Noam and Messier.

Finally, during the final confrontation between MasterFusion and Garrett Meyer, Paul assists Big Fist in his fight against the numerous Guards, protecting Lincoln.

Back in the Ring[edit]

Mr. Justice calls Noam on his phone asking for help, but Noam just hangs up on him. Noam informs Scott that Paul now goes by "The Justice."

Resting Villain Face[edit]

After the events of The Guards Themselves, Mr. Justice gets a new partner called Amicus Curiae. He teaches her how to tell a hero from a villain, though she criticizes his methods and calls them "profiling". Paul briefly enters a crisis after having his entire view of the world broken, but quickly gets back on his feet when one of his predictions ends up being right - the man he said was a villain was, indeed, a thief.



MasterFusion treats Mr. Justice with disdain, finding him ignorant. Justice doesn't seem to have any opinion regarding Noam, but does contact him when Paul has a problem.

Big Fist[edit]

Paul and Scott seem to have a friendly rivalry, as while the two belong to different sides, and constantly fight each other, they also exchange hair product tips and help each other when needed.

The Arsonist[edit]

Richie finds Justice's manner of speaking "stupid". Justice doesn't seem to have any opinion regarding Richie.


Messier pointed a gun at Justice when he admitted to accepting Meyer's payment. Justice doesn't seem to have any opinion regarding Messier.


Katie and Paul were partners during the events of The Guards Themselves, treating each other with general camaraderie. Katie did seem to get annoyed with Justice's constant speeches, however.

After the events of TGT, Katie apparently stopped Crimefighting, moving on to something else. When asked about her, Paul said that she was a traitor.

Amicus Curiae[edit]

Being Mr. Justice's new "apprentice", Paul treats Amicus Curiae as a student, sometimes belittling her for her size and lack of experience. She, in turn, gets annoyed by Justice's dichotomic view of humanity.