Mr. Johnson

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Mr. Johnson
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Date Released April 13, 2015
Length 3:01
Game Portal

Mr. Johnson is an older Door Monster sketch that didn't get uploaded to the channel until four years later. The sketch is about a group of goons who come to collect what they paid for from Mr. Johnson.

Description: "Since we were out of town for the past few days, we decided to do something different this week and pull a video from the White Lightning archives.

Mr. Johnson was a video we shot back in 2011 and were unable to complete due to being pretty bad at everything, especially visual effects. Working with footage that wasn't shot properly was an interesting challenge, and was really fulfilling to finally finish after so long.

Since the footage was also older and a bit grainy, the story about a guy from a few decades ago, and the project itself nearly old enough to start Kindergarten, we topped it off with the 80s VHS look - sometimes it just feels like a way to hide bad video, but it actually felt appropriate for this project."


Actor Character
Inndy Guest Cave Johnson
Ian Conn Goon #1
Jefferey Neely Goon #2
Reid Sullivan Goon #3


The sketch begins with Mr. Johnson carrying a large cardboard box. The goons then appear and approach him, claiming to come to collect his project after he disappeared on them with their money. Mr. Johnson acts compliant to their demands, but when they try to retrieve the box he kicks it to over and reveals a portal gun was inside.

Mr. Johnson then uses the portal gun to fight off the goons and protect the black case that was inside the box along with the portal gun. After holding the goons off long enough, using portals to redirect bullets, disrupt the goons, and put them in infinite loops, Johnson makes his way back to the case and opens it, taking lemons from inside. He then throws one at the goons to reveal they are actually combustible. He then walks off as he eats a peeled lemon.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The combustible lemons are a reference to a line in Portal 2, where Cave Johnson threatens to create combustible lemons to blow up "life"'s house.


  • DoodleConn can be seen inside the dumpster at 1:26, as Jefferey falls past the camera.