Minecraft is Intense

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Minecraft is Intense
Minecraft Is Intense.jpg
Minecraft is Intense Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7pCPEeszRs
Date Released November 10, 2014
Length 4:51
Game Minecraft

Minecraft is Intense is a sketch that satirizes the various activities present in the game Minecraft.

Description: "Ever think about what some Minecraft activities would look like in real life? We did, and decided they would be absolutely insane."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Steve


The video begins with Steve looking calm, standing near some trees. After a while, however, he starts to scream uncontrollably, while an intense montage begins.

Steve punches a tree, gets some wood, breaks and punch said wood, transforms it into wood planks, punches and hits these wooden planks, and obtains a crafting bench. The title "Minecraft is Intense" is displayed in a blocky font.

A wall breaks due to Steve's sheer power. In another shot, he is seen jumping out of the roof and falling to the pavement below, proceeding to walk with his legs broken. Back at the park, Steve is holding a bucket with lava, still screaming. In the sea, Steve is seen standing inside a boat, screaming and pointing his hand to the sky.

A sheep is later punched by the screaming man, flying in the opposite direction and leaving only wool at the destruction site. At the park, again, Steve is now holding a bucket of water, which immediately becomes an aqua jet when Steve points it horizontally to the side he's facing. After that, he is seen throwing blocks out of his own mouth. Next, he is lighting up a fire, with it soon spreading to the man's body and the trees nearby.

Steve continues to scream without stopping, standing outside even if it is raining. Later, Steve is carrying enormous amounts of blocks and items in his back. He is then seen climbing a waterfall with just his own body and will.

Finally, Steve is seen back at the park, punching a skull and transforming it to dust, pouring said dust into a tree sapling, and ascending to the sky while the plant grows in a matter of seconds. The sketch ends.


  • The last part of the video is a reference to how Bone Meal works in Minecraft.