Messier (Character)

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Actor Reid Sullivan
Joey Basham (Voice)
Occupation Assassin; Terrorist; Anarchist?
First Appearance The Guards Themselves - Part 1 (Voice Only)
The Guards Themselves - Part 2

Messier is one of the main anarchists from The Guards Themselves. He has the special power of spawning any weapon he wishes, and is also very proficient in using them. He has a robotic voice and wears black armor with a dark, blocky and screen-looking helmet. It is likely that he is a robot.


The Guards Themselves - Part 1[edit]

Messier's voice is briefly heard during his argument with Emma in Part 1, in the Anarchists' Hideout. The two exchange threats before the conversation topic moves on to Richie.

The Guards Themselves - Part 2[edit]

Messier's de facto introduction happens in a public park, as Messier begins to shoot the sky and bring fear to the masses. MasterFusion eventually persuades him to go to the Emergency Bunker, and the two cross the city mostly undetected. There, in the bunker, Messier has an argument with Scott and Richie about what to do with the rest of the Anarchists. After he almost shoots Scott for not knowing his name, MasterFusion orders him to drop all of his weapon on a table, revealing a gigantic amount of guns. Later, Messier also tells the group that he sends weekly e-mails to a select group of people that one day, he will create a fire using their limbs. The shooter also helps MasterFusion, Big Fist and The Arsonist acquire a Meyer ID Badge by knocking a guard out.

The Guards Themselves - Part 3[edit]

While MasterFusion is working in his "Magic Bag", Messier comments that it is an excellent weapon and that they should use it. After Noam, Richie and Lincoln obtain the Prison's address, Messier goes there first to scout it. Using extremely contrived and unusual tactics, Messier infiltrates the facility, eventually getting caught by a guard and immediately killing it with a bullet. Then, the probable robot grants access to his team, and the group heads to talk with the captured anarchists. An argument happens, while Richie and Lincoln accidentally activate the alarm while recording another conversation. As the five begins to leave, Messier almost shoots Katie, who's also on the run. After this encounter, the group decides to work together and begins to fight increasing waves of guards. Messier kills several of them using an assalt rifle, a shotgun, and a knife. They then escape.

The Guards Themselves - Part 4[edit]

Messier is present in the Anarchist's Hideout, after the Prison Escape. In the morning, when Mr. Justice admits that they have accepted Meyer's payments, Messier points a gun at him. Later, when Garrett Meyer is called for a secret meeting with MasterFusion, Messier acts as the final barrier for Meyer's men, carrying a rocket launcher and having a sign that reads, "No, seriously", in reference to Scott's first message, "Leave your men here". After that, when the CEO accidentally reveals his entire plan, the assassin knocks him out. The group then escapes the facility, and Messier shoots some more guards.

Back in the Ring[edit]

Messier is briefly mentioned in Back in the Ring, and is said to be running round with his "Merry Band of Trigger Happy Hooligans."



Messier has no respect for Emma and is glad that she, along with all the other Anarchists, were captured. It is implied that she was the one to put him in his cell at the Anarchists' base. During the attempted prison break he taunts her from outside the cell.


Noam is one of the few people that Messier will take orders from. He is very happy when he realized that Noam wanted him to come with him to the emergency bunker, as no one else from the Anarchists wanted him.

Richie/The Arsonist[edit]

Messier and Richie have opposing viewpoints on whether they should rescue the captured anarchists or not. Messier would rather they rot in prison while Richie wants to go and rescue them. They do share a fondness for fires, though, given Richie's reaction to Messier's mailing list.

Scott/Big Fist[edit]

Messier and Scott don't start off on good terms as Messier threatens to shoot him due to his annoyance with Scott's complaining and ignorance to who he is.

Paul/Mr. Justice[edit]

Messier is not a fan of Paul's ideology, as shown when he threatens to shoot him after Paul tells the Anarchists that he only accepted Meyer's payment for personal expenses and that his only reward for protecting the city is justice.

Garrett Meyer[edit]

Messier is tasked with intimidating Meyer into leaving his Security Agents behind during Noam's meeting with him. After the Agents are left behind he follows him to the meeting room to make sure he doesn't try to pull anything. After Meyer's monologue he knocks him out by punching him before escaping.


  • As shown in Part 2, Messier "freezes" when in proximity with an active microwave.
  • Harold, an employee at Meyer's, is part of Messier's mailing list.
  • Messier's helmet has a blood mark shaped like a hand.