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Matt Locke
Mattlocke picture.png
Matt Locke as Enrico Dandolo
Full Name Matt Locke
Role Actor
First Appearance Civ 5: Doing Something About Gandhi

Matt Locke is a regular DM Guest, acting in some of Door Monster's most popular videos. He is mostly known for his role as Enrico Dandolo, Doge of Venice, although he has also appeared in other videos like Ghost Finders and D&D: Free Speech.


Matt Locke[edit]

Doge Enrico Dandolo[edit]

Locke's most popular role. DM's version of Enrico Dandolo is a seemingly unaware and easily distracted doge that acts in a content yet awkward manner. Dandolo is seen constantly smiling throughout most of his appearances, and almost always ends up getting the short end of the stick.

Civ 5: Doing Something About Gandhi
Civ 5: World Congress
Civilization 6 VS Europa Universalis 4