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MasterFusion in Back in the Ring
Actor Kyle Sullivan
Occupation Leader of the Anarchist
First Appearance The Guards Themselves - Part 1

MasterFusion, also known as Noam, is the leader of the remaining Anarchists from The Guards Themselves. He is the smartest and one of the most sensible members of the the group, often seen tinkering with his "Magic Bag."


The Guards Themselves - Part 1[edit]

MasterFusion is first seen looking at a smoke cloud rising from across the city before infiltrating the bank "Queen and Lord" with Big Fist, in an attempt to turn off its alarms. Once inside, the two fail to disable them due to the interference of the Crimefighters, Spectacle and Mr. Justice. They return to the Anarchists' base and are reprimanded by Emma. The next day, Noam arrives late to the morning meeting due to a stop by Lincoln's home. When he arrives at the base, though, he sees the Anarchists being arrested and runs away, dropping the money he collected at Lincoln's.

The Guards Themselves - Part 2[edit]

Noam calls Scott after he gets far enough away from the Anarchists' base and tells him to head over to the emergency bunker. After he ends the phone call, Noam hears gunfire from a nearby park and goes over to investigate. He then encounters Messier and brings him along to the bunker. When they get there, he sees that the only person there is Richie, with Scott entering soon after. MasterFusion then pacifies the ensuing chaos and asks everyone to settle down, aiming to find a solution in the morning.

The next day, he and the remaining Anarchists devise a plan to rescue their captured allies: steal an ID Badge from a guard, infiltrate Meyer's building, and find out where the Anarchists are being held. During the first part of the plan, Noam takes the role of primarily overseeing the operation and ensuring that nothing goes wrong. He is spotted by Spectacle, however, and ends up getting into a fight with her. During the battle, he uses a pair of jumper cables in his bag to counter the Crimefighter's taser, which causes a small explosion. He then finishes off Spectacle before grabbing the badge from the Security Agent the others knocked out.

The Guards Themselves - Part 3[edit]

Back at the bunker, Noam tries to fix his bag after the electrical surge that happened during his fight with Spectacle caused it to malfunction. He and Richie then decide to go over to Lincoln's and acquire more money for tools, ending up recruiting him to watch over Richie and the cameras while he infiltrates Meyer's building, in an attempt to find out where his allies are being held. Under the guise of an IT Guy, MasterFusion fools an employee named Harold and is able to get the address to the prison that's holding the captured anarchists. On his way out, however, he has a close encounter with Meyer and Artemis, but is able to get away without being recognized. He then leads the Anarchists to the prison where they attempt, and fail, to free their allies. Messier, Emma and MasterFusion get into an argument before an alarm goes off due to Lincoln and Richie's actions. On the way out, the group runs into Paul and Katie and decide to help them, despite Noam's protests.

The Guards Themselves - Part 4[edit]

Following the failed operation, Noam tries once more to fix his bag and expresses his disgust at having to live in the same house as Katie. He consequently talks to her that night, encouraging her to stop moping around and claiming that, if she and Mr. Justice help, he'll let them go. Katie agrees and gets back on her feet.

The next day, Lincoln shows Noam the recordings he took of Meyer's interrogation with Shawn. After watching it, Noam begins to form a plan. He then calls Meyer to discuss a deal and subsequently gives him a meeting location. There, he threatens the executive, claiming that he'll blow up his building if he doesn't release his teammates. Meyer refuses and blows up the building himself, explaining that that act would cause MasterFusion to be labeled as a national terrorist. Meyer then reveals his whole plan to Noam, while Lincoln films the whole encounter. Meyer finds out about this a second too late and gets knocked out. Lincoln and the others quickly escape with the recording, and MasterFusion sends it to the other four Oligarchs, destroying Meyer's plan.

Back in the Ring[edit]

Noam meets up with Scott after not being in contact with him for a undisclosed amount of time. Scott requests that he abandon everything he's worked for to make his daily life more convenient, to which Noam declines. He then gets a call from Paul and Noam tells him to stop calling him. He then suggests to Scott the possibility of rejoining the Anarchists before walking away. At the last moment, he tells him that his hair looks better short, invoking Big Fist's fury and getting chased by him.



Noam is a subordinate to Emma and often gets reprimanded by her for not being able to do his jobs due to the interference of the Crimefighters. Emma sees him as incompetent as he's not able to do anything correctly.

Scott/Big Fist[edit]

Noam and Scott are good long-time friends and are often seen doing jobs together. Noam knows him well enough that he was the only person he called after the Anarchists were raided, knowing that he wouldn't have made it to the meeting on time as well. Noam is shown to be annoyed by the fact that Scott never gets tased. Scott values Noam's opinions, as shown when he wears the pocket square that Noam suggested when he asked him which pocket square to wear.


Noam has known Katie since elementary school and has been harassed by her ever since. She is somehow always able to find him, even when he finally went off the grid. Noam often talks down to her because of her perceived lack of intelligence, but he is able to give her comforting words when she's in distress in the bunker after the failed prison break. Katie is one of the first ones to give Noam's bag the name "Magic Bag," much to Noam's displeasure.

Paul/Mr. Justice[edit]

Noam sees Paul as a nuisance, but despite this it is shown in Back in the Ring that he stays in contact with him.


Noam has been friends with Lincoln since elementary school and has continued to be friends to this day. They have a close relationship, as Noam trusts him to look after Richie, and Lincoln invites him to hang out and talks to him about girls. Noam is annoyed by the fact that Lincoln refuses to go the bank. Lincoln, in turn, is annoyed that Noam doesn't have a cell phone and insists on using his "Magic Bag" instead.


Noam is one of the few people that Messier seems to listen to, as shown when he complied to Noam's order of putting all his weapons on a table.

Richie/The Arsonist[edit]

Richie and Noam appear to be on good terms, as Richie willingly follows Noam's orders.

Garrett Meyer[edit]

Noam recognizes Meyer as a threat and prioritizes taking him down first in order to make things easier for the Anarchists. He had a brief encounter with him during the elevator ride in his building and was able to fool him into believing he was a new IT Guy. Noam is able to trick Meyer into monologuing his plan while Lincoln recorded the whole thing.

Artemis Cossling[edit]

Noam had a brief encounter with Artemis during the elevator ride in Meyer's building. He was sent a recording of Meyer's threat from Noam.

Tedd Gunn[edit]

Noam sent him a recording of Meyer's threat.

Sylvia Crowe[edit]

Noam sent her a recording of Meyer's threat.


Noam sent her a recording of Meyer's threat.