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Status Active
Length 7 or 9 videos
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Marvel is a comic books company, known for being the creator of heroes like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Spider-Man, Officer Kurt
Ian Conn Officer Walt

Video list[edit]

Daredevil's Signature Move[edit]

In Daredevil's Signature Move, Daredevil fights Jegor in the middle of the night. The fight is heavy, filled with impactful punches, though Daredevil wins in the end, by using his signature move - throwing his and his enemy's faces into the ground. After they both collapse, Jegor tries to find out why does the hero do that.

Secret Identity Crisis[edit]

Arguable. In Secret Identity Crisis, Kyle tries to convince two "edgy" superheroes to go back to colorful costumes. This, of course, is a satire towards the Netflix Marvel series, which feature dark, "mature" heroes.

Spider-Man: Workers Comp[edit]

In Spider-Man: Workers Comp, a worker repeatedly tries to throw himself off a building with the intention to get workers compensation. Spiderman, on the other hand, endeavors into stopping the crazy idea.

Doctor Strange: Working Magic[edit]

In Doctor Strange: Working Magic, Rachel catches the Doctor using his powers to buy groceries. The woman immediately blackmails him and makes him work for her, though she eventually decides to steal his book and learn magic herself.

A Civil Warning[edit]

In A Civil Warning, Officers Kurt and Walt confront Black Widow after she commited a parking violation. The heroine tries to use her status to avoid getting fined, but it doesn't work due to the officers' perseverance. At the end of the sketch, Romanoff beats up the two cops, assuring to herself that she's a superhero.

Spider-Man: Biggest Fan[edit]

In Spider-Man: Biggest Fan, Peter Parker witnesses a man trying to rob a convenience store. He quickly transforms into Spiderman, but gets surprised when said man declares that he's a fan of the superhero and begins to ask for autographs. The hero immediately starts to act in an awkward manner, while the robber continues on his praise. The store owner, meanwhile, just calmly stares.

Captain America: Winter Jacket[edit]

In Captain America: Winter Jacket, Officers Kurt and Walt return, this time spying on Captain America and the Winter Soldier. The superheroes' disguises, however, end up confusing both policemen.

Straight Man (Superhero Origin Story)[edit]

Arguable. In Straight Man (Superhero Origin Story), the homonymous "superhero" finds two burglars inside his house trying to steal a TV. The entire sketch is composed of the burglars singing about the Straight Man's power: "being normal and uninteresting".

Hardly Working (Spider-Man PS4)[edit]

In Hardly Working (Spider-Man PS4), Spiderman does useless things such as taking photos, cleaning the city and catching birds while MJ deals with armed guards. The two argue about Spiderman's actions via phone call.

Running Gags[edit]