Mark of the Ninja: Just Wing It

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Mark of the Ninja: Just Wing It
Mark of the Ninja Just Wing It.jpg
Mark of the Ninka: Just Wing It Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released May 16, 2016
Length 1:43
Game Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja: Just Wing It is a sketch about Kyle trying to stealthily get past some guards.

Description: "Who needs plans when you can freeze time?"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Ninja, Guards
Rachel Butcher Ora


The video begins with Kyle falling from the sky and begins to formulate a plan on how to get past the guards. His first plan involves knocking out the three streetlamps and slipping past without a trace. However, he realizes that he is about to land right in front of a guard's line of sight. He quickly tries to alter his plan before he lands but then decided to wing it instead. He is then promptly killed by a guard. Ora comments on how he should check the room before entering. Kyle ignores this advice and continues onward.

His second plan involves taking out the lights and landing in the two visible guards' blind spot. After landing he is once again shot, forgetting that the guards had ears. Ora then comments on how the point is to not be seen. Once again, Kyle disregards her comments.

His third plan involves taking out only one light, causing a distraction, and line up two kills. When he lands a laser is pointed at the top of his head and he is once again killed. Kyle finally gives in and follows Ora's advice.

On Kyle's fourth try he successfully stays hidden from the guards and kills them. Before killing the last guard he asks him how many times he's attempted to get past them. He replies with "one" before being killed by Kyle. Ora then runs past Kyle who is celebrating his victory and undermines it by stating that he still got detected.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • When Ora says that he still got detected she was talking about how he directly interacted with a guard to ask how many times he'd attempted to get past them.