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Door Monster Entertainment is an american entertainment Youtube channel located mainly in Austin, Texas. The channel is lead by Kyle Sullivan and mostly features comedy sketches, though it has also created a mini-series called The Guards Themselves. It currently releases sketches bi-weekly (every other Monday), with those being intercalated with Behind-The-Scenes videos. The channel also features a comment-answering section every Friday.

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List of Sketches

See: Tutorial:Writing a Sketch Page


List of Animations

See: Tutorial:Writing a Sketch Page


These are bigger pages that are very important! Priority should be given to people that have been mentioned in recent sketch writeups. Like before, use Example:Person for guidance or look at one of the below pages, which should also tell you which pages need to be created. You can also check the DM Guests page, for a list of all guests that have appeared in sketches.

People Pages
Kyle Sullivan
Ian Conn
Jon Currie
Reid Sullivan
Ricky Linn
JP De Ovando
Jefferey Neely
Ethan Gelinas
Rachel Butcher
Joey Basham
Allison Devery


List of Characters

These are more special pages. We don't know how many or which ones we need yet, but if you really want to make one, check one of the above people pages for mentions of a red character page. Here's the example character page.

Running Gags

List of Running Gags

Door Monster has several inside jokes and running gags throughout its several years of history, and the Wiki has some pages explaining them. If you want to help us fill out some gaps or just contribute with adjustments, check the example running gag page.


List of Series

Some of DM's sketches are related to each other, forming series. Some examples are the Civilization series and the Self-Fulfilling Idiocy series. If you want to contribute to the Wiki, check the example series page.

If you are still at a loss of what to work on, check out the Wanted Pages page for non-articles most linked to!

Future Features

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