Magic Mugging

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Magic Mugging
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Date Released May 23, 2016
Length 1:49
Game Tabletop RPGs

Magic Mugging is a sketch about spell slots and levels in Tabletop RPGs.

Description: "When a wizard gets desperate... there's still not much they can do."


Actor Character
Jefferey Neely Wizard
Kyle Sullivan Himself?


Kyle is walking in the street, casually. Suddenly, a Wizard appears, demanding his wallet. Kyle refuses to give it, and so, the Mage casts Magic Missile towards him. Kyle dodges the attack, though.

The Wizard warns him that the next spell won't miss, and tells Kyle that he is a wizard. Sullivan tries to confirm that, asking if he isn't a sorcerer, but the mage denies the idea and explains that he really is a wizard, again demanding the money. Kyle dismisses his threats, and another Missile is sent towards him. As he did before, Sullivan ducks and evades the attack.

Turning around, in thought, Kyle asks for the Wizard's level. The mugger answers by hesitantly saying "two" and telling him that he should better give his wallet quickly else he will unleash all of his arcane power. Kyle, however, looks unamused, completely dismissing his threats. It is now clear that Sullivan knows that he could only cast two Missiles.

The Wizard makes some more attempts to scare the bystander, all ending in failure. His last one, consisting of casting Light on his book and claiming that he is using Nuclearize, also fails. Kyle asks for his other spells, and the Wizard answers with Prestidigitation, Ghost Sounds and Dancing Lights. A small discussion occurs over the fact that the Wizard has two light spells, and eventually, Sullivan has an idea.

He puts his wallet on his head and tells the mugger that, if he finds out a way to knock it off, he'll be able to keep it. The Wizard immediately hits him with his book and runs away with the wallet, to which Kyle responds, "that was my fault."

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Magic Missile is a spell that doesn't miss. The Wizard is so incompetent that he was able to do it.


  • Most references in this video came from D&D, like the spell names and the general concept of this sketch.