Mad Max: The Perfect Defense

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Mad Max: The Perfect Defense
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Mad Max: The Perfect Defense Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released October 20, 2015
Length 3:39
Game Mad Max

Mad Max: The Perfect Defense is a sketch about two bandits trying to kill Max while he taunts them.

Description: "The wastelanders of Mad Max can be too smart for their own good."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Max
Matthew Welter Bandit #1
Joey Basham Bandit #2


The sketch begins with Max putting water into his water bottle when he suddenly hears a car drive towards him. They stop right before they ram him as to avoid driving straight into a cliff face. The two bandits then discuss how to go about killing him. The first bandit comments on how his car suddenly changes and now has new modifications. As the two continue discussing how to fight Max he splashes water on their windshield and then proceeds to drink some before pouring the rest out on the ground. The first bandit then tries to get the second to leave, but their car runs out of gas as they were burning it by sitting still with the car still running. Max then holds up some gasoline to taunt them to come out of the car. He then sets it on fire and blows up their car, which the two bandits jump out of before the explosion. Max then runs them both over with his car.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The car changing is a reference to how players can customize their cars.
  • Water is a valuable resource in the apocalypse, so wasting it in the bandits' faces is insulting.