Luigi Salute

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Luigi Salute
Luigi Salute Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released April 8, 2019
Length 1:34
Game N/A

Luigi Salute is a short video tribute to the so-called "Luigis" of the world.

Description: "Everyone knows him. No one remembers him."


Actor Character
Ethan Gelinas Narration
Isaac Ennis Camera Luigi
Gordon Parsons Car Luigi
Ian Conn Roommate Luigi
Jon Currie Space Luigi
Allison Devery Book Luigi, Wikipedia Luigi
Chris Lundblade Food Luigi
Kyle Sullivan Sketch Luigi, Opening Luigi
Peter J. Sattler, Nathan Yoder, Erin Cooke, Zachary Perkins People taking photo


The video begins with Ethan's narration accompanied by Kyle putting on a Luigi hat. The narrator lists and describes many people perceived as kind and selfless, calling them the "Luigis" of the world.

These people include: the one holding the camera for a group photo, the one who waits for the other cars go first, the roommate who does the dishes, the astronaut who stayed in the capsule, a woman who can't join the conversation due to reading Game of Thrones, someone who makes handmade Christmas gifts, a woman who spends two hours per day reviewing Wikipedia articles, the one who still eats their food when the restaurant gets their order wrong to not bother the waiter, and a guy that writes comedy sketches in 2019 without including brand deals.

The camera then shows all these people's faces, revealing a Luigi hat and moustauche. The narrator makes a quick tribute to them, and then goes on to "focus on something more interesting". With this, the video ends.


  • Luigi, Mario's brother from the Mario franchise, is seen by many as a kind but overshadowed sidekick.
  • Casting Jon as an astronaut is a reference to the Kerbals.


  • The poem was written by Ian Conn.
  • Chris Lundblade is Kirk Lundblade's brother.