Lola Needs Attention

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Lola Needs Attention
Lola Needs Attention Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released September 17, 2018
Length 1:15
Game N/A

Lola Needs Attention is a sketch about Lola and cats in general. In it, Lola keeps bugging Allison to feed her.

Description: "Like right now."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Allison Devery Herself
Lola Herself


The sketch starts with Kyle leaving, telling Allison to feed the cat as he leaves. Allison, however, doesn't hear him, as she was playing games and was distracted by Lola's constantly meowing. In the next scene, Lola is on the counter meowing, causing Allison to call her in annoyance. This then repeats with Lola meowing in the bathroom, on top of Allison, in the washing machine and finally on Allison's desk.

At this point, Devery asks Lola for what she's trying to say, as she's not able to figure it out. Allison notices a text behind Lola, on the screen - it reads "THE DARK ONE COMES" followed by backslashes. Allison becomes scared after seeing this, and asks for how and when this "Dark One" will show up. A shot zooms on the calendar showing a skull circled on the 17th (The day the video was released). Allison panics and exclaims that it is too soon. On the chair Allison was sitting on, there are now a set of weapons. Allison pleads and says that she can't stop him, recalling the last time they tried. The knob of the front door suddenly shakes and Allison reaches for the hammer on the chair.

As Kyle opens the door, he's hit by the hammer. Kyle only stares before asking if she fed the cat. They look at the empty food bowl and Allison says "Yes". Lola walks up to the food bowl meowing when a portal appears on the wall behind. Inside is a shadow that may be DoodleConn. There is evil laughter from the portal, as Kyle replies that it doesn't look like she did.