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"I need a table"
Actor Lola
Occupation Man Eater
First Appearance Rimworld: Crash Landing

Lola is a cat. She is potentially very deadly after being discovered to have a taste for human flesh. She also may not be a cat based on the extinction of cats.


Rimworld: Crash Landing[edit]

In this sketch, as Kyle awakens, he is immediately met by Lola. She is one of three apparent survivors of the ship crash that has stranded them along with Kyle and Ian. There is no explanation on how Lola has survived. When the group is confronted by a Raider and both Kyle and Ian are disabled in the fight, it is revealed that Lola is a man eater. She states (as is translated from cat) "I need a table."

Plague Inc: The Cure[edit]

In this sketch, Lola is seem being held by Allison while she discusses the Cure for the plague that has killed most of humanity as well as the animals, while an arm that can be supposed to belong to a member of one of the roving biker gangs described waves a knife through the gap in the door that Allison is trying to keep closed. Of strange note is that shortly thereafter Kyle states that there are no more cats due to the plague. This may indicate that Lola is not actually a cat but some other creature in disguise.

Final Fantasy: Looking Edgy[edit]

In this sketch, Lola appears briefly in the background, on a bed, while Kyle and Allison engage in turn based JRPG styled combat over Allison's decision to begin carrying around a weapon that mixes massive sword and gun. Lola is cleaning herself in the usual cat method and not caring the least about the nearby battle.

Comical Road Trip (3rd Year Finale)[edit]

In this sketch, Lola is seen briefly as Jegor Smirnov falls through time and space into the sketch of Rimworld: Crash Landing. Lola vocalizes toward him, which appears to terrify him before he moves on.

Lola Needs Attention[edit]

In this sketch, Lola is the centrepiece, bugging Allison to feed her and eventually, summoning the 'Dark One' through a portal.